Creativity is the best way to express your thoughts or to express your personality, and if we have to choose one way in which you will stand out creatively best then it is definitely writing. Writing is the best way to express your thoughts, to express what you consider correct, but also to criticize. You can do it through music, through art, but still, the best way to do it is through the written word because that way you will say everything you think and you will do it easily and simply. You can use the method of writing songs, lyrics, or novels, but it is best through writing an essay.

An essay is a text that focuses on a specific topic on which you need to express your thought, your way of thinking, and express your point of view. It can be creative, from a scientific point of view, but it can also be from a critical point of view, so you will have the task to give an opinion and express your opinion on a topic. The topic usually needs to be given to you or you can choose the one according to what you consider best to pay attention to at the moment.


A critical essay is not at all easy to write. You need to prepare well, find the right direction in which to think, find the right words, etc. In order to write a great critical essay you need to know how to do it best, and to do it best we bring you some tips that can help you a lot. So let’s see together what you need to know before you start writing an essay.

  1. Above all, you need to have a topic or direction to guide your critical thinking – when writing something you need to have the inspiration for the topic you are writing about or someone needs to give you a topic to write about. , and this is especially important if it is a critical essay, say the experts who on this topic constantly give a number of guidelines that you can find if you visit this site. When writing a critical review in an essay you need to know exactly what you are criticizing and what you are expressing your opinion, criticism, or praise about because that is the starting point that is most important.
  2. Then you need to find information on the topic to know what to write – when you get a specific topic and direction to write you need to find information on the topic, ie to find additional directions that will better prepare you and give you extra guidance on the flow of your thoughts.

  3. Once you have the information it is important to formulate your thought – once you have all the information you need and after reading everything you consider important in writing a critical essay you need to formulate your critical thought which you will need to express. Try to give yourself a few points to think about and write about, and you can also write them on a piece of paper so that you do not forget them.
  4. Now that you have the thought, you need to take a stand with which to write your critical review – the next thing is to take your stand, so think carefully about what your stand is. See if what you are writing about is good, if something needs to be changed or if it is great, and in your opinion form an attitude that you will present in the critical essay.
  5. Write your introductory, main, and concluding instructions on a piece of paper – when you need to write something you should always give yourself directions. So in order not to get lost in the course of your thoughts, it is good to write on a piece of paper what you would write about in the introductory part, the main part and the final part, because that way you will write the essay most easily and much faster.

  6. Write a draft version that will be the initial version for the final result – when writing any text in which you emphasize your thought, creativity, and attitude, you need to first write an initial version, ie known as the draft version. In that draft version you will write down your first thoughts and what you initially consider to be the most appropriate way to express your position on the topic to which you should be critical and analytical.
  7. Check the draft and supplement it with additional things that you missed – after you get the fully written original version you need to read it again and analyze it well. You need to pay attention to the details, ie whether you have expressed yourself well, whether it is necessary to supplement and change the way of expression or if you have omitted a detail. However, the details are important, so it is good to check that your reviews and analysis are well presented.
  8. Check the essay in terms of accuracy and correctness, that’s the final task you have – after you complete your essay with all the details and after you see that everything is fine in terms of your attitude, your criticism, and the analysis you have laid out, you need to see if everything is in order with accuracy and correctness. So you need to see if you have any typos if you have used all the punctuation correctly and if everything else is correct. Then when you think that everything is fine you have a fully prepared essay that is ready to be published or sent.


A critical essay that is based on analysis and setting certain views on a particular issue needs to be accompanied by following a number of rules and details, and with the help of our tips, we are sure that you will get the best final product that what you want to get. So once again read our directions and pay enough attention to get the best.