Almost every single person that intends on going to college has to write a college essay, no matter how good or bad their grades and other results might be. On one hand, writing a college essay might be a great chance to speak to the admissions committee indirectly, increasing your chances to pass, and, on the other, you might fail to achieve anything and underdeliver if you misuse the opportunity.

Although writing of any sort requires at least minimal talent to express oneself, there are things you should stay away from when writing a college essay if you want to be taken seriously. Thus, read the following lines and learn which pitfalls to avoid when writing a college essay and increase your chances of scoring higher results.

The Topic


“You shall not pass!” is one of the famous quotes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy immortalized as a funny meme, but it is something you would not want to hear after writing a college essay. In order to avoid that, you need to answer the topic of the essay appropriately. The catch is to write something the admissions committee shall enjoy reading, not solely because of the content, but also because it is a chance to represent yourself in the best light. Nobody likes boring persons, so they surely would not consider you a valid member of the future student community if you bore them to death with your writings. Thus, make the topic as interesting as possible, while staying within the boundaries of the subject matter.

Failing to Understand the Question


The point of writing a college essay is to show your competence in following the given guidelines. Namely, it is of utter importance to understand what the committee asks you to do and deliver a legible reading they would easily understand. By failing to understand what is asked of you, the committee shall get a lousy impression of you, which would move you away from your goal. Remember that the college essay is another form of evaluation and that you need to demonstrate what you are capable of by delivering quality material.

Not Personalizing


Since the point of writing a college essay is a student’s evaluation, what you should do is write an article from your point of view, in order to present your way of thinking and demonstrate any qualities that could be considered a plus.

If you write about generalized stuff, the committee will not be able to assess your qualities, thus, the work you present will be interpreted as unsatisfactory. Writing a college essay is your chance for making amends for potential setbacks in the past period, so if you want to be a good advocate for yourself, you better take a stand and show them what you have got.

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What you must do is deliver readable reading material. What the commission committee does not have to, and most certainly will not, is to guess what you wanted to write if you accidentally misplaced a letter or two. Their job is to assess who knows how many college essays within a short time frame, so the last thing they will do is to turn a blind eye to beginner’s mistakes. Yes, mistakes do happen, but it is your job to make sure they are reduced to a minimum. Thus, what you should do is check your spelling before submitting your paper and correct every mistake you find. If you fail to notice them, make sure the committee will.

Syntax and Grammar


We have mentioned earlier in the text that it is crucial to express your point of view on the subject of the essay, but that does not mean that you can use customized syntax and grammar an average person would not understand. Writing a college essay speaks a lot about yourself, thus, it is also a chance to demonstrate your writing skills. Using complicated word constructions would be considered a plus, but mixing tenses and failing to establish continuity in your writing would not do you any good. The recipe for success is simple, so make sure you write using constructions you are feeling good about, or you revise your syntax and prepare before the D Day.

Not Finishing in Time


You will have more than enough time to finish your college essay. The point of having so much time on your hand is not because of the complexity of the task, since the task is not complicated at all. The catch is to start in time so you can make any amends in a timely matter. Thus, the sooner you come up with a trial version of an essay, the more time you will have to correct what is wrong and enhance the quality of the material before submitting it. It does not mean that you will not be capable of delivering quality work if you start later, but your chances majorly increase if you start early.

Writing a college essay should not be a difficult task, but it is something that requires your full attention and dedication. It is both a chance and an obligation to demonstrate what skills have you acquired and how well you can handle them. Although it should not be mission impossible, numerous students have been making similar mistakes for years. Hopefully, you have learned about some of the most prominent ones from the lines below, so you will pay attention to avoiding them when the time for writing a college essay comes.

The aforementioned pieces of information should serve you as a guideline on what not to do, or where to focus your attention in order not to underdeliver. Thus, check the suggestion listed above as many times as you need and show the admission committee that you have what it takes.