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With so many dating sites now easily available, it has become easier to meet someone and enjoy a romantic fling. Although what’s interesting is how these sites have enabled married and committed couples to enjoy a relationship without their partner’s knowledge of it. In societies where polygamous relationships are not appreciated, it is quite natural for people to fantasize about an alternative that will add excitement to their lives. But now, it’s cheating for real that comes more into the picture. 

Why Do People Cheat?

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According to the article on the reasons why people cheat vary greatly but certain factors remain steadfastly common. For instance, one is the feeling of drifting apart from their partner. In this situation, cheating is the way to make living in your existing relationship more exciting and bearable.

Similarly, people choose infidelity because they feel unloved or excluded from their partner’s lives. The result is a couple with different ‘love languages’. One partner is expressive verbally whilst the other likes physical displays of affection. The difference leads to issues. Rather than seeking sexual gratification, it’s the emotional bonding that makes cheating attractive.

There are, of course, many reasons people give for cheating include a dissatisfied sex life, an overpowering partner, fear of commitment or low self-esteem, and even a sex addiction but all these behaviors ultimately have moved away from their partners emotionally as a common root. 

The Top 5 Nations that Cheat

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Although it is common to find people cheating in all societies and countries, studies by Durex with Forbes magazine collated a list of the most unfaithful nations. And the top is Thailand, where around 56% of the population cheating for one reason or another.  Here’s the rest.

  • Denmark: Yes, Denmark may be the land of the happy, beautiful people, but they’re the second most adulterous nation in the world. 
  • Italy: What could you expect from the people hailing from the birthplace of Casanova? With more than 45% of Italians confessing their infidelity, Italy holds the third position on the list of most adulterous nations.
  • Germany: The misconception is that the French are more adulterous than Germans, but not so with over 45% of Germans admitting their cheating. Cheating has always been a European thing.
  • France: No list of love, romance or infidelity could be complete without the French. In fact, in France, most people think there’s nothing wrong with having a mistress. Around 43% admitted they have enjoyed affairs dating in the past.
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  • Norway:  No one would blame you for thinking that the prosperity in the Scandinavian countries is the reason why people are often more passionate about their relationships and don’t mind trying affairs dating as well.  Norway is a front-runner in this case with as many as 41% of Norwegians admitting that they have created in the past. Quite interestingly, it has also been found that the warmer months lead to an increase in the libido and bring out the cheater in Norwegians.
  • Belgium:  The next in line is Belgium with a staggering 40% of people admitting to cheating.  The interesting thing is that it feels that people in Belgium have learned to live with cheaters and don’t really feel the stigma attached to it.  You will be surprised to know that unlike countries like the UK, you can’t file for a divorce in Belgium just because you think your partner has committed adultery.
  • Spain:  It is never a surprise to see those hot-blooded Mediterranean’s showing up on the list of most adulterous nations because 39% of people have admitted to being in an adulterous relationship.  Even though religion is quite important in the life of an average Spaniard, it seems that their catholic roots do nothing to keep them from having an affair after marriage.
  • UK:  Usually, people don’t take the Bits for being overly passionate but somehow they’ve still managed to find a place in the list of most unfaithful nations with around 36% off people admitting to being unfaithful to their partners.  Unlike Finland, there’s a huge stigma attached to adultery in the UK, but you can still find cheaters in the country.
  • Finland:  With around 36% of people admitting to being unfaithful, Finland is on the list too. The interesting thing is that people have a laid-back attitude towards cheating and they don’t even mind having ten affairs at a time, as they call it “parallel relationship” and not cheating. It may be strange but true, and may well be quite inspirational for men to relocate to Finland to enjoy some romance.

Accepting people the cheat is one thing but being in a relationship with a cheater another. At least there’s comfort from knowing you are not on your own wherever you are in the world.  If that’s what you are looking for, it has never been easier to find someone happy or not bothered being included in an affair. With so many dating sites and opportunities to chat with potential partners, internet affairs dating has made it possible to realize our fantasies whatever the reason for looking around in the first place. 

However, if you’re worried about getting in a relationship with a cheater on the internet, it is better to be cautious and cynical. If ever there’s a time for that stranger danger talk, it’s when you start getting a liking for the stranger you are chatting to online. People do get taken for a ride. They trust far too early because the scammer was nice. At the risk of being cynical, remember leaving ‘the mark’ feeling special is part of the scammer’s plan. It leaves you ripe for the picking. 

But here’s hope and the crux of the matter; cheaters don’t make a difference. Most new couples meet online and the vast majority stay together. It’s a fact dating and social media sites work and members really do find love and lasting relationships.