The term ‘global village’ was coined in 1962 by Marshall McLuhan to express the connectivity amongst citizens of the world. At the time when the internet was invented, the sole idea around it was connectivity and ease of communication. But hasn’t it transitioned into a lot more than just a communication apparatus? And, also with such precision. It would not be wrong to say that the internet is the most valued utility of the modern world. While the whole world has seen the worst pandemic of recent times last year, the internet certainly helped us get through it in a better and poised way. We have learned and discovered new realms of the internet just last year and the fact that there is so much more is fascinating.

Today, there is nothing that cannot be done through the internet and we would discuss its significance in detail as the article forwards. However, before going any further, it is pertinent to flash the spotlight on a 2018 Federal Communications Commission study suggesting that 14 million U.S. citizens do not have access to any internet connection while 25 million lack a stable and reliable connection. In today’s digitalized world, it is appalling to find out that our fellow citizens do not have the right resources at hand. The reasons vary from high expense to unavailability of internet services in select areas, however, you can click here to find out the details of internet plans that are most widely available and fairly affordable.

1. Business


There would hardly be any business framework that does not benefit from the internet nowadays. The internet has supplied us with numerous tools to work productively and efficiently including remote working software like Zoom and project management tools like Asana. Furthermore, advertising opportunities that have been sprung over us due to the outspread of the internet have given businesses a chance to revamp and reorganize their target audiences.

Talking about the business benefits, the benefit closest to business owners is the cost reduction. From print communication to telephone and sales commute costs, there is great control over cost reduction and revenue generation now. Following global market trends and expanding business horizons has also gotten convenient.

Furthermore, for new startups and entrepreneurs, the internet is even more benefiting. These are some of the opportunities that you can explore without having to spend a ton of money:

  • Advertising and promotions
  • Networking – connecting with potential customers and investors
  • Convenient selling policies
  • Remote working

2. Education

The ability to read any book and article in the world is as great as you can imagine. Access to knowledge sees no bounds and restrictions in the digital world. The learning process has become more interesting as well with the inclusion of learning tools and applications. The newest teaching and learning methods like gamification have also been possible through the wonder that the internet is.

Another benefit of the internet in the field of education is the option of remote learning. Institutes like Harvard Business School had introduced virtual classrooms last year in a contest with the coronavirus; however, it is being taken as a positive initiative and is considered as the new way of teaching. Digital libraries are also very much into trend now as you can find the answer to pretty much anything through the content provided.

The internet has made communication a whole lot easier also. Students can go on to find scholarships and fellowships from any part of the world today – this paves their path for a better future.

Some of the online learning platforms that are making education accessible for every person are:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Skillshare
  • Shaw Academy
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Treehouse
  • Khan Academy

3. Entertainment


Last year, we got to understand that everything that we used to do outside can be done inside the four walls of our homes as well. Obviously, we are not talking about the replicated experience but you do get a sound and nice touch of the outer life even when staying at home, thanks to the internet. This includes virtual parties, movie nights, gaming, online concerts, and whatnot.

On a more personal note, I found out that meeting with friends, hanging out, watching a movie with your loved ones, and attending concerts does not require physical presence all the time – I did all of this and more understanding that the online entertainment world is much more offering than gaming and streaming.

4. Research and development

All innovations and inventions that we see changing the world today are on account of the research put into them. Since people in the past had to move a lot to experiment and research, the process was a bit too slow as well, which might just be the reason for delayed solutions.

Today, now that people have the convenience of the internet, things have gotten a lot easier. From small businesses to big corporations, every researcher is finding full ways to get better results in desired fields. Websites like Emerald make sure that you find all the articles and research papers available in the world to account for your research.

5. E-commerce


Through the internet, you can purchase anything from anywhere with just a click. From grocery shopping to buying an exclusive Vera Wang, you can literally buy it all. The increased interest of customers in online shopping has helped corporations manage inventory and other details.

Online platforms like Amazon and Alibaba are making it possible for people around the world to sell and purchase items. This ease has increased the general revenue in terms of sales.

You can also purchase services online. The need of travel agencies has decreased significantly and over 70 percent travelers book their flights and hotels through online platforms.

Summing Up

I have only discussed few industries that have been benefitted from the internet in this article, although, every other industry today is being profited by this innovation. For instance, the medical industry is using the internet to even perform surgeries remotely. Even the fact that the technology industry has introduced the concept of smart homes and offices firms our belief that the internet is the most valued utility of our time.