Have you ever played slot machines at a casino before? If so, you know how they work, function, and what their outcomes are. This also applies to payout combinations and grant winnings that are super rare to win. If you wish to know a bit more about your luck, RTP, as well as house edge and volatility, keep on reading! Here, we will help you understand what RTP is, and how it does affect your slots and wins in every situation. We will also talk about the revolution of virtual games, and how easy it is to enjoy serious gameplay nowadays.

What is RTP?


RTP is a simple term that is often used in casinos. It stands for Return to Player percentage which are the rewards of a player that wishes to win from online slots. At NetBet you can browse through loads of different new and fun games! They have some of the most popular slots + they update their games weekly, while also offering some of the best jackpots for their players! Everyone can have fun at their site, and you will find the perfect slot for you!

The value of slot hit rates


Hit frequency is an important yet simple aspect when it comes to playing games. It is used as a likelihood of a slot hitting a payout combination as opposed to landing nothing. If you are a slot player be prepared to lose, since these games have a negative expectation, meaning that they will have you losing more money than other games at casinos. However, their wins and amazing jackpots are out of this world, meaning that no other game will leave you with such perks or big wins, that is if you do manage to get them.

What is the hit frequency against other slot factors?

These are some of the most important parameters to understand:

Variance rating – this means that there is a chance for pokie to table rewards on a smaller scale. All slots have three kinds of volatility, and those are:

  • Low – smaller amounts of payouts yet these are frequent
  • Medium – wins will come in average amounts
  • High – super rare wins, the higher amount of money

How to know if a casino has good bonuses?


The point of an RTP is to combine all the wins against stakes in their house-edge. RTP can depend and vary from one game to the other, so do not assume that every casino game is the same and that you will end up with the same cash prize on each site.

So, how to calculate the RTP percentage in slot machines?


RTP is a bit hard to understand at first, but experienced players will understand the way it functions. For instance, by making a bet of £100 and with £5000 then the RTP can be calculated at 50000%. Most sites or casinos will offer you no less than 94% and the more you play, the higher the chances are of winning.

What to consider before playing any game?

It is always a great idea to check out the RTP percentage score that is written right next to your chosen and preferred game. Most slots will score above 94%, which means that they have a high payout. Go for the one slot that is highly-ranked, talked about, as well as well-reviewed and talked about online.

The history of VR games & fun facts that you will love to know


Did you know that in 1956, a cinematographer had created the first-ever VR machine? VR games and casino games have come a long way in the last 60+ years. Here are some of the most memorable and innovative creations:

Nintendo was launched in 1995, which was so long ago! This console was loved because of its 3D monochrome games. In time, it did become the most loved console worldwide.

Google introduced street view in 2007, and people were able to find their streets on the mapped view.

Oculus VR was bought by Facebook in 2014 for a whopping price of $2 billion.

In 2015, everyone became obsessed with VR sets and games, which is why every developer and brand had come out with their own set, including names such Panasonic, PlayStation, Oculus, Sony, etc.

What was the casino history like?


It was believed that people even gambled in ancient Egypt and that they had their own rules and games. However, the first-ever and official casino opened in 1638 in Venice. This casino is popular and exists even to this day, and is an amazing tourist attraction! At first, gambling was popular only in Europe, but soon Monte Carlo became the epicenter of gambling!

Nowadays, every road and song will take you to Las Vegas, and it will talk about its unique game choice, as well as vast gameplay! In 1905, Las Vegas opened up its first casino, and now is the most visited gambling destination for locals and tourists.

In this modern world and thanks to the internet, online gambling is quicker and more fun than ever! They have been booming since the year 2000, and it seems like they will stick around for a while! Who wouldn’t love to play 1000+ different games with just one click of a button?! Now, you can win some big and serious cash without leaving your home, which is why most players prefer online casinos!

Ready to win?


So, are you ready to enjoy some new games? Any adult will enjoy the perks as well as new and fun casino games, big wins, as well as amazing odds when it comes to some of your favorite slots! Just make sure that you find a slot with a high RTP!