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Are you a bitcoin trader? If yes, you must know how to send and receive them through a bitcoin public address. Many people don’t have much knowledge about the same.

But you don’t have to worry because, in this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information. When it comes to sending or receiving digital coins, one has to take care of certain things.

A bitcoin public address is necessary to locate. Otherwise, nobody will be able to make transactions through their wallets. The process is pretty simple, even for beginners.

As you know, technology has become advanced, and it will continue to improve in the future. So, people’s lives are transforming with each passing day.

You can do all the things on digital devices just by sitting at home. Nowadays, investing in cryptocurrency is also convenient. Many applications and tools are available that can help you in trading and earn money with it.

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Cryptocurrency like bitcoin is getting popular among people these days. The main reason behind it is that the process of being and selling is pretty straightforward. However, it is crucial to learn everything precisely for a smooth process. Let’s get started without wasting any more time.

What is a bitcoin address?

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A bitcoin address, in simple terms, means an address associated with the location of a transaction or payment. This address helps in processing transactions from one wallet to another.

Whenever you want to send an email, an email address of the person is needed. Similarly, with virtual currency transfers, you need the address of the person’s wallet.

These addresses are generated whenever you process a transaction. Many experts believe that you should develop them every time you begin a transaction or payment. In this way, your payments will be safe and secured without having any problems.

How should I get a bitcoin address?

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The process of getting it is not so challenging as it seems. You need to complete the following steps:

  • Research for a reliable digital wallet: The most crucial step is to research well to find a reliable one. Many digital wallets can help you in storing your virtual coins. You can also exchange and transfer these coins from your wallet to another. Even if you are a beginner, you can quickly learn the procedure.
  • Download the best one: After doing proper research and choosing the best one, you can download it on your device. You have many options regarding wallets. You can use them on the web as well. Nowadays, people also use them on their smartphones because it is more convenient.
  • Generate an address: The final step is to generate a bitcoin address which you can do with the help of your e-wallet. The technology used in this type of cryptocurrency allows you to get the address every time you apply for a payment or transaction request. By sharing this, you can start the procedure of exchanging and transferring digital coins.

What are the steps involved in generating a bitcoin address?


Generating a bitcoin address is an easy task to do. All you have to do is:

  • Go to your BTC wallet: It doesn’t matter which e-wallet you have. You can open the application, where you will find various options.
  • Search for the option: You have to search for an option of “Receive.” It will be on the bottom toolbar of your e-wallet.
  • Look at the number and address: After you click on “Receive,” you might see a long string of various numbers as well as letters. Also, note that they will be present below the QR code of that address.

How to identify a bitcoin address?

You should keep in mind that it is not a permanent one. It keeps changing with every transaction. Every cryptocurrency address is a total of 20-25 alphanumeric characters.

If we talk about its standard form, it starts from P2PKH. It stands for Pay To Public Key Hash.

The cryptographic operations are responsible for developing these addresses. The software in the digital wallets generates two types of keys- one is private, and the other is public. Both of them are necessary to verify and confirm the payment request.

Bitcoin owners are supposed to sign the private key and then verify the signature with the public one.

The process of exchanging cryptocurrencies has transformed now. Earlier, there was only one IP address to send the digital coins. But there were many problems with the system, especially security issues.

Although it was more convenient for the people, they were often attacked by cybercriminals. Many users have lost their digital coins due to these attacks.

The Bitcoin industry has now finalized another way of completing the transactions to avoid these attacks.

What are the different types of wallets that you can use for sending and receiving virtual coins?

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There are four different types of wallets- mobile, web, desktop, and hardware ones.

  1. Mobile wallets: These are designed for android, iOS, and Windows phone users. They are easily accessible, and all you have to do is download them on your smartphone. Always make sure to add a strong password because anyone can access your account if they know it. The most popular mobile wallets are Airbitz Bitcoin, Arcbit, Blockchain, BTC, and more.
  2. Web wallets: They are also convenient for users. You can easily set up an account on a web wallet on the web. However, many people think that they are pretty risky. So, it depends on you whether you should make it or not.
  3. Hardware wallets: They act as external hard drives for your virtual coins. You can connect them with your PC.
  4. Desktop wallets: You can download and use them on your desktop.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that having sufficient knowledge of the process of sending and receiving coins.

We hope this article helped you in understanding the bitcoin address and its importance in trading.