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Wendi Deng is not new to the media. She has been involved in several controversies including her bad approach to other humans and also taking advantage of matrimonial status to achieve her selfish aims. Her status has already been in havoc over the years and recently she was rumored to have undergone plastic surgery.

Wendi Deng is of Chinese grassroots but has nationalized in America and is now a citizen. However her decision to undergo plastic surgery may have been because she want to erase inferiority complex of her been Chinese and claiming to be an American. She has publicly been criticized for having the nerve to undergo plastic surgery but not have the guts to boldly stand up to her decision in public.

All her plastic surgery involvement include; Botox injections that she employed to get rid of wrinkles and keep her face younger. Her forehead area appear a little frozen due to the effect of Botox injections that she had. There are rumors that her decision to undergo Botox injection is based on her selfishness to take advantage of matrimonial privilege from wealthy individuals.


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Facelift and Botox injections are one of the two plastic surgery that compliments each other. Majority of people that have undergo Botox injections tend to use face lift to accompany it. The idea of the facelift is to help tighten the skin after which Botox injections has been used to clear wrinkles. Her appearance is completely tightened and it looked as if the procedure was overdone that it left her facial appearance to unrealistic.

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It is almost impossible to locate a Chinese woman with a pointed nose as that of hers. There are rumors that she has undergone a nose job in her early years. Such rumors are true given the fact that her older photos doesn’t show that has a straight, slim bridge and pointed nose tip. A typical Chinese woman doesn’t possess such eye shape and in respect to her previous photos, she used to have a different eyes judging from her photos.

But with the plastic surgery already carried out, her eyes now looks different. There is no alarming about her involvement given the fact that she is always seeking for attention and doesn’t care about peoples opinion.

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Lastly, a possible angle that we want to take a look at concerning Wendi Deng plastic surgery rumor is the possibility of the use fillers injections. Looking at her old and new photos, there is a strong indication that Wendi used filler injections on her lips and cheeks.

The use of these injections made her look quite sexier and also quite younger. One thing we have to say is Wendi Deng plastic surgery procedures didn’t just help in improving her life but it also made sure Wendi looked brighter and better. We do not want to sound too judgemental based on Wendi’s lifestyle and continuous changing love affair with women but one thing that defines her is her level of confidence.

This confidence makes her one of the strongest businesswoman and not her face. We would love to know your thoughts about this review in the comment section.