When you decide to renovate your outdoor furniture set or acquire a totally new one what you should worry about is not only the looks but also the quality of the pieces you intend on purchasing. Namely, the quality of the materials used in outdoor furniture is crucial if you want to enjoy it for longer, but you would probably not be satisfied with a common design but opt for more interesting looks. Since your new furniture will be adorning your backyard or your pool area you would want to ask yourself if the weather will be staining or fading your outdoor furniture and what could you possibly do to prevent that. Thus, read the following lines and find out what you can do to secure that your outdoor furniture set will last longer and resist any potential weather challenges.

Bad Weather and How It Affects Your Outdoor Furniture


The first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about possible weather conditions that might damage or spoil your outdoor furniture is the bad weather. That implies heavy rain, hail, and even snow that affect the looks of your outdoor furniture a lot, but those are not the only external influences you should worry about. As the severe cold and various precipitations can harm your alfresco pieces of furniture, so can the extreme heat. Therefore, the answer to our wonderings would be that weather definitely affects the looks of outdoor sets, but there are ways to preserve their appearance for longer if you follow particular tips and tricks.

Weather Conditions Typical of a Particular Area


Although a vast majority of people depend on weather forecasters and their predictions, we are all somewhat familiar with the general climate conditions of an area we live in so we all approximately know what to expect from a particular time of the year. Since your furniture will be outside most of the time, weather factors typical for your areas such as humidity, temperature, wind, and precipitation are important to be considered when selecting pieces for your outdoor set. Logically, you should also choose furniture according to its purpose, so if you intend on buying sunbeds for your pool area, you would want to choose pieces resistant to sun exposure but also moisture resistant models.



Different materials act differently under the exactly same weather conditions. Reasonably, there are multiple factors by which the selection is made and they imply features such as design, materials, purpose, price, and availability. When we talk about materials, you should consider the durability and the quality of particular solutions. Namely, wood is a natural material and can provide almost optimal comfort, but if the material is not adequately treated it can decay if it rests in a humid area. On the other hand, the humidity will not worry you if you choose models made mostly out of plastic, but you will experience less comfort. Various metals and leather are also used in the construction of outdoor furniture and they both provide comfort and can last long if treated adequately. Visit this website and learn more about various materials used in crafting different outdoor furniture models and check out the unique results of style and quality.



Surely, you should expect a new piece of furniture to be coated with a protective layer that will postpone weather staining and fading of your furniture so you should ask around about that feature before making any decisions. If your new set is treated with adequate spread, you should expect it to resist various weather conditions for longer. To increase the durability and maintain the looks of your outdoor furniture what you can do is coat furniture pieces on your own from time to time. By doing so you will not only secure that your outdoor set looks good, but you will also enable it to last longer.

Use Protection


In order to prevent damage before it is done and to prolong the life of your existing outdoor furniture, what you should do is to keep it safe whenever you are not using it. While it is not easy to move large pieces of furniture such as heavy outdoor tables and swings there are other ways to keep them safe and good-looking for longer periods. Namely, to protect them you can use a nylon cover large enough to embower a piece of furniture and fasten it with a rope. On the other hand, smaller pieces of outdoor furniture like chairs and other items easy to carry should not be left in the open when you know a storm or any other weather disaster is approaching. If you pay just a little bit of extra attention, you will prolong the lifespan of your alfresco furniture by far.

Wash It


Since outdoor furniture is designed to be used in the open, that does not mean you should not maintain it. Depending on the material, you can wash your outdoor set with a regular hoe or use a particular cleanser if the stains are stubborn. This is particularly important to do after rainfall or precipitation followed by a heavy wind, which can cause more muddy stains than anything else. If you do not act in a timely matter the mud spots could damage your furniture and leave an indelible trace that will only distort the appearance of your lovely outdoor set.

Hopefully, you have realized how different weather conditions can affect the appearance of your outdoor furniture. Not only that it can stain your pieces and make them fade rapidly, but it can also make your furniture decay at a faster rate if not safeguarded adequately. Fortunately, we have provided you with a set of different pieces of advice that if implemented appropriately can enable you to enjoy your furniture for longer. Although an effect the weather will have on your outdoor furniture depends mostly on the materials from which they are made of you will be able to prolong the life of your favorite pieces if you act appropriately and in a timely matter.


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