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With all the rumors flying all over the internet as to which celebrity has had plastic surgery or not, the next headline which we want to look into today is the Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumors. Born on the 3rd of April 1942, Wayne Newton is an American singer who is into the singing of country and classic music.

Wayne has been a major force in the entertainment industry for a very long time and has performed in over thirty thousand solo shows in the last four decades. He is so good and has earned several nicknames.

These nicknames include Mr Entertainment, Midnight Idol and also Mr. Las Vegas and some of his popular songs include “Red Roses For a Blue Lady”, “Years”, “Don’t You Walk So Fast”. Recently, Wayne Newton has been making the headlines but this time, it isn’t because of his music or musical awards.

During his “Dancing With The Stars” show and also one of his appearances in Las Vegas, there were so many speculations as to whether the popular singer has gone under the knife to enhance his looks.


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One thing that the internet is certain of is the fact that he must have made one or two alterations to his face. The truth also still remains that for men, when they begin to age gracefully, they still tend to look good even at the age of 65 because having wrinkles is also part of the aging process but it Wayne Newton’s case, his face totally suggests that he must have been under the knife to alter his natural aging process. This is simply because his face doesn’t show any signs of wrinkles and he gladly shows it off.

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Showing his face to the world recently has left the door wide open for the entry of so many Wayne Newton plastic surgery speculation and in just a short while, there have been so many comments and questions concerning his face even from tabloids and plastic surgeons themselves. Some of this speculation that have risen hints at the fact that it isn’t just that Wayne Newton’s face doesn’t have the normal features of every man in his sixties but the truth is his face actually lacks some features.

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One plastic surgeon weighed in on this topic and wrote on his blog that Wayne Newton must have had an eyebrow lift and not just that his eyebrows were elevated but they also failed to move. The reason he stated for this must have been the use of Botox on his forehead and this also made up for the reason why his face had no wrinkles. There were comments also made about the skin which was missing above his eyes and there were questions raised about how sharp his jawline is.

The sad thing about all this is there are always critical reviews when it comes to talking about celebrity plastic surgeries and there are accusations that the Wayne Newton plastic surgery procedures have left him with a leather face. These celebrities would do anything just to alter a natural aging process.