All of you who have set aside a little of your time to read this article, probably are huge dog fans. For this reason, there is no need to talk about the love we receive and give to these wonderful creatures. Life without them now seems almost unthinkable to you, and they needed so little time to get under your skin. Of course, a huge amount of love carries certain obligations and responsibilities. But when you come home tired from work and you are greeted by these exciting life forms, at the same time your day gets much better and you forget about the problems, right?

One of the needs of your pets that makes them happy and at the same time healthier is definitely going for a walk. You all probably have an established routine and know how many times during the day you should go for a walk with your dog. During spring or summer, when everything blooms and exudes wonderful colors and weather, this walk is a mutual pleasure. But what happens during cold rainy days? Is it a good idea to walk your dog in the rain? These are some of the questions we will answer and help all of you to turn a stressful rainy day into a dance in the rain.

The everyday walk is a must!


Just as you can’t imagine staying home one day and not breathing fresh air outside, the same thing happens with dogs. All living beings instinctively rush towards the natural environment and if they are denied it, it can have negative consequences for their health. Every day walking with dogs is a must! Dogs are thus relieved of stress and frustration. Have you ever wondered why dogs in a cage are so aggressive and angry? There is no freedom for them! Walking fills dogs with positive energy, stretches their little legs, and at the same time works to strengthen the immune system. Also, urination is one of the main reasons for their walk. Weather conditions shouldn’t be a problem for you or your dog. Some breeds like the Bernadine, Shepherd Dog, and Husky actually enjoy snowy and colder weather. It’s all a matter of habit. Don’t let the rain disturb you in fulfilling the pleasure of your pet. So you have to dedicate at least a little of your time to these little, beloved creatures to stay healthy and happy.

Training is the key to success!


Most of you got dogs when they were just a few months old. Remember those innocent, small lives, their eyewink, and delights when you would reward them. You’ve got puppies that haven’t faced the world outside yet. It depends on you and your training how the dog will behave and what it will like to do tomorrow. If you are wondering how I will walk him in the rain tomorrow, then from an early age start walking your dog in wet weather to get into the habit and eliminate fear. That way, your dog will become related to rainy weather as he grows up, and there will be no need to persuade him to run through the door during the heaviest rain. Also, take care of your behavior on a rainy day. Remember that you are the role model for your dog and that he feels your every emotion. If you are smiling and in the mood to play on a rainy day, then don’t worry about your dog! He will surely be twice as playful.

Here are some tips to help you make walking in the rain easier and more acceptable for your dog:

Short walks


If you are still in the process of getting your dog used to the rain, or this may be his first time seeing and feeling raindrops, try to take him for short walks. In the beginning, it is enough to take the dog out in front of your apartment for a few minutes to defecate and return home immediately. Repeat this scenario twice during the day. Over time, extend the time you stay outside in the rain and you will notice how your dog releases and accepts the rainy conditions. After that, there will be no more fear of walking in the rain.

Have a raincoat with you, both you and your dog


As much as it is a matter of fashion and trend today, dog clothes can help a lot, especially in rainy weather. A raincoat can be just as useful for your dog. First of all, it protects him from the rain, the dog gets less wet and thus there is less chance of your pet catching a cold. Also, a raincoat does not allow your dog to get very dirty, so it helps you later to wash its paws more easily and clean the house faster. But certainly today there is a huge offer of these coats which will be best shown to you by Kuoser, so whether you have a poodle or a larger dog breed, you will be able to find the ideal coat for your pet. There are also different patterns and colors of these pieces of clothing, so maybe with a colorful dog’s raincoat you can brighten up the gray rainy weather a bit.

Keep the house tidy and dry


Last but not least, this advice concerns the cleanliness of your house, but above all the importance of the cleanliness of your dog. Many of you don’t go for a walk in the rain for this very reason: After the walk, I have muddy paws all around the house. Don’t you think that’s a little selfish? One very useful tip is: keep one clean towel at the front door. When you come home from a cold rainy day, you can immediately warm your dog. This way they will not catch a cold or less like rain. Another good thing about this hack is that in this way you will not allow dirty hooves to spread around the house, but you will clean them right at the entrance, and later everything will flow smoothly without any trouble.

A dog is a man’s best friend. He lives for you, your attention, your smile… When you receive so much love, you have to reciprocate it, don’t you? Do not restrain or restrict your pet. Walk on your dog as often as possible, give him freedom, care, tenderness and he will be visibly grateful to you. Start writing new rainy adventures with your best friend!