TikTok is a new rapidly developing social network, which gained its popularity in just a couple of months. Today we will talk about what it is and what opportunities it brings. We would like to pay special attention to the effects of the TikTok, which is now used by almost all bloggers. It is impossible to imagine a young bright ticktoker without any effects because it is one of the tools of advancement. There are different kinds of masks that you can pick up under you, resulting in a beautiful and bright video. Masks have become a great new business because every person wants their own mask, which will emphasize his appearance or hide some defects. For more information on how to use the effects, let’s learn more about the masks with the app VJump. To set up the app follow the website vjump.com.

New technology for modern users

Creating masks and effects is an art that is gaining in popularity every day. Masks open up new possibilities for you:

  • Thanks to the green screen you can find yourself anywhere in the world;
  • You can change your appearance: the color of your eyes and hair, eyebrows, teeth, and even makeup. The latter feature is very popular, as you no longer need to wear makeup to go to your followers in the video.
  • What’s more, you can reincarnate into anyone, either a celebrity or any animal or even fruit!
  • Among the effects, you can also find additional unusual accessories, such as wings or a hat, which will combine your look.

If you want to use the effects, you should just start shooting videos and among the proposed masks to choose the one that you like, and then it is up to you and your imagination.

Secret of popularity

Source: popsci.com

If you are still interested in becoming popular in this social network, then you cannot do it without special masks. If you want to find many interesting and creative effects, you should refer to our new VJump application, which contains a huge collection of everything you need. If you decide to make a beautiful and cute video, then for you there is an excellent mask in pink delicate tones with beautiful lighting and if you have an unusual rocker image, then it can be supplemented with cool smoky makeup, as well as facial piercing. All this is now possible without leaving the house, moreover, you do not need to spend time and money on the selection of the image. If you decide to make a viral video, then you immediately need to download our app!

Signature effects

Yes, it’s possible in TikTok. Clips using augmented reality effects are an interesting kind of native integration. The tick-tock video that uses your mask will display its name. It’s clickable, which means that by clicking on it, you can record your own video using it. To measure the effectiveness of such advertising, you need to look at the number of branded videos, views, likes, comments and reposts.

The popularity of this type of advertising is due to the fact that personal communication between brands and bloggers is kept to a minimum in TikTok. Promotional posting must be coordinated by the app’s main office, and only accredited agencies can organize the process.

By the way, produced effects are only possible on the platform itself. In February 2020, TikTok introduced the augmented reality constructor EffectCreator and allowed users to upload their masks, but the feature is only available in Asia, as well as in France, Italy and the UK.

Types of masks in TikTok

Today, masks are also classified according to their application.

  • Weak: they are used mainly for cosmetic purposes: correcting skin and teeth, adding small details to the face in the form of jewelry and so on. These include, for example, piercings that simulate makeup and punctures on various facial features.
  • Medium: the transformations in this case are much more serious. I will not describe much, just give an example – these include the same “Dog Ears”, which were popular quite recently.
  • Strong: they completely and unrecognizably change the face, can transform the background or, for example, tweak it. Among these effects, the most common are various agitated and interesting options, which, however, often quickly cease to be popular. These include, for example, the “Scary Meme,” which, at a certain point, changes the face and makes it look like a popular toad meme.

Like all other sections of social media, there are trends here, too. Everyone probably remembers a time when everyone put a dog’s nose and ears on their face. They are here too, and by playing on this trend, you can attract more attention to yourself.


The ability to edit videos on social media has long been more than just putting music on video. If in reality we can’t change our face the way we want, why not do it with the help of gadgets at least on video or photo?

The great thing about TikTok is the built-in effects section, which is constantly updated. Effects, masks, and filters allow you to have fun and create a fun, viral video, which is why people come to TikTok. Try to keep an eye out for effects, especially in the Trends and Novelties tabs, and apply them to your videos. In addition, effects and masks are displayed above the descriptions of other people’s videos. You can save them to your favorites so you don’t have to go through the menu every time. See how other TikTok users are applying effects, and make it better.

If the editor’s built-in effects aren’t enough for you, you can use masks from Snapchat and search for interesting effects apps in marketplaces.