Rising popularity and ease of use have opened doors for disposable vape pens to emerge as the market leader in the cannabis vaporizer industry. Beginners are also opting for vape pens because these devices are pocket-friendly and ensure to deliver an amazing experience with every use.

Every disposable vape user desires to get a ‘lung hit.’ So, to achieve this objective, it is essential to utilize vape pens correctly and master the technique of vaping. It also helps increase the life of the device and attain the most from a single disposable.

So, keep reading this article to understand the detailed process of using a disposable vape pen, designed especially for beginners like you!

Selecting the Right Vape Pen is a Must!

It is not practical to begin learning the steps of using a disposable vape pen without picking the best device suitable for your needs. So, to make the optimum choice of a vape pen, you need to consider the following aspects.

1. Shape and Size


The foremost factor that affects the selection of a vape pen is its shape and dimensions. Even though a disposable vape comes in a convenient design, several other options are available in the market, furnishing a handier structure.

Smaller sizes of disposable vape pens are perfect for users who want to attain an incredible vaping experience even on a long trip.

Hence, you should always search for a smaller vape pen with varied flavor options. In addition, you can check Hyde for high-quality disposable vape devices with multiple flavor choices.

2. Type of e-liquid

The next factor in analyzing is the formulation of the extract. e-liquid or vape oil is available in multiple varieties offering distinct advantages. Before buying, you must obtain detailed information about the e-juices pre-filled in disposable vape pens.

Most devices are loaded with CBD and THC vape oils. These liquids impact distinctly on human bodies, so it becomes crucial to understand them properly.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the major component of THC disposable vapes. The high concentration makes it an excellent tool for recreational purposes. Further, this component also offers health benefits to consumers, including managing pain and treating asthma.

On the other hand, CBD vape pens include Cannabidiol as their primary ingredient. This substance is well-known for having anti-inflammatory qualities.

3. Categories of Coils

Disposables available in the market have different types of coils in them. It includes quartz, ceramic, and wick vape coils.

It is recommended to choose ceramic coils to obtain the best vaping flavor. Such coils deliver a pure flavor using indirect heat, thereby leveraging your vaping experience.

4. Standard of Vape Pen


In addition to choosing the premium type of coil and vape oil, you also need to consider the standard of disposable vape pens.

A high-quality vape maintains an optimum e-juice level, astonishing flavors, and a battery that provides excellent results for a long time. The battery must keep working till the last drop of the oil is utilized.

For How Much Time a Disposable Vape Lasts?

Disposable vaping devices are available in varied sizes that generate a distinct number of puffs. However, the period for which it can last entirely depends on how frequently you draw the puffs from the device.

You should arrange at least 2 vape pens for unlimited weekend fun. In addition, disposable vapes with an e-liquid capacity of about 1.3 ml are excellent for night-outs.

Procedure for Using a Disposable Vape Pen

Vaping is not as tough as it sounds. Although people highlight the difficulty in utilizing vape pens, they don’t convey the steps you can use to ease the experience.

So, here is a step-by-step guide you can follow as a first-time vaper.

Step 1: In the first step, you have to check your disposable vape pen’s battery status and guidebook. It will enable you to understand the functionalities of different switches properly.

A disposable vape pen usually has 3 sorts of functions:

  • Switching on and off the vape
  • Making adjustments in the heating
  • Push and hold features to get a puff

Step 2: Since disposable vapes do not need to be assembled, start inhaling right through the gadget’s mouthpiece by clicking on a button present to power the device.

In the absence of this button, the LED indicator on the vape pen lights up as soon as the oil begins to draw from the vaporizer. So now, you can enjoy the astonishing taste of vape flavors without any hassle.

It is suggested that first-time users should go for small inhales. The consumption of less vapor protects them from an overwhelming response.

You can also figure out your tolerance level and the vaping effects you wish to have. Moreover, the sensible use of disposable vape pens helps in increasing their lifespan.

Storage and Disposal of Vape Pens


Proper usage of a disposable vape pen ensures that you can use it for a reasonable period. Effective storage decisions can also help maintain the quality of each puff.

You must store this device in a cool and dry location. Extreme temperatures affect the battery performance, so you should not place it in direct sunlight or heat. Moisture also damages the liquid and performance of a vape pen. So, keep it away from humid areas too.

Furthermore, it is crucial to keep vape pens out of the reach of children. So, search for a secret place in the house to avoid eye contact with this device.

Now, when it comes to disposition, you can choose from 2 options. You can either simply throw this gadget into a recycle bin or dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner, i.e., dropping it off at the Management Facility of Hazardous Materials.

If you are unaware of these methods, you can search online to explore more about the process of battery recycling of vape pens.


Beginners have to remember various points before commencing their vaping journey. These parameters affect the performance of disposable vape pens and improve your inhaling experience. It is further important to purchase a high-quality vape offering premium components.

Besides, you also have to analyze your initial vaping experience to understand the modifications you can make in your future vaping actions.