If you are a fan of good TV content, then you know that nothing beats the experience of watching an amazing TV show. You can catch some top TV shows on your own or with friends and family.

The beauty is that there are many movies and TV shows, but picking the ones worth your time can be a bit of a hassle. Well, we have compiled this quick list comprising the best TV shows you ought to try out.

1. American Soul


The American drama series created by Jonathan Prince and Devon Greggory is one of the must-watch TV shows.  It is an excellent pick if you love music-themed TV shows and movies. The series premiered on February 5, 2019, on BET and immediately received an excellent rating from movie lovers across the globe. It is a story around Don Cornelius and how his legendary music and dance program dubbed Soul Train was created. It highlights how the Soul Train’s musicians, dancers, and crew navigated their lives and rose to fame, albeit with hurdles along the way.

2. At Home with Amy Sedaris


At Home With Amy Sedaris is a nice comedy TV series created and hosted by Amy Sedaris. The American show premiered on 24th October 2017 and is currently on season 3. The second season premiered on February 19, 2019, while the third season premiered on April 23, 2020. The colorful series revolves around the comedian’s love for cooking, entertainment, and craft. During the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, the show was nominated for the Outstanding Variety Sketch Program. The season 3 “Dips and Dunkers” will show on July 8, 2020, with another season,  “Inspiration” coming on 22nd July 2020. You can watch it here.

3. Love Life


Love Life is an American love comedy show series created by Sam Boyd. The series premiered on May 27, 2020, on the HBO Max streaming service and is currently on the first season with ten episodes. The show has episodes with a length of 28-37 minutes and is an anthology series with each season having a love story for a different person from start to finish. So if you love stories are your taste, then Love Life is fully baked for you.

4. Space Force


The Space Force is an American comedy series created by Greg Daniels and Steve Carell. The intriguing series talks about a group of people assigned a tough responsibility by the state. Yes, to create a sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces called the United States Space Force. They receive orders from the president to set foot on the moon by the year 2024, and the series highlights how the first general of the Space Force team is parading his mercenaries to avoid disappointing the president. The series premiered on May 29, 2020, on and is currently on the first season of its ten episodes whose running time is 27-36 minutes.

5. You


You are an American Psychological Thriller TV series based on the novel written by Caroline Kepnes. The first series premiered on Lifetime on September 9, 2018, and Netflix on December 26, 2018. The second series was released on Dec 26, 2019, exclusively on Netflix. This series revolves around love and obsession that goes extremely wild. In the first season, Joe Goldberg meets writer Guinevere Beck, and he becomes obsessed with her. His obsession turns chaotic that he even gets rid of anything that comes his way, in the pursuit of love. In the second season, Joe moves to Los Angeles and tries to run away from his cold blood past. However, he again gets trapped in his old love patterns of obsession and violence. Nevertheless, he puts much effort into making sure his new love in Los Angeles succeeds irrespective of the cost. The You Season 3 will likely be released in 2021.

6. Mindhunter


Mindhunter is a fascinating American crime thriller series based on the book of a similar name written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. Mindhunter, as the name suggests, is about FBI agents who work alongside a psychologist to decipher the thinking of serial killers. They interview detained serial killers to uncover their thinking and maybe use their findings to solve other serial killing cases in the court. The series was written by Joe Penhall and has now released two seasons. So far, there are 19 available episodes for watching as its season 3 is on indefinite hold.

7. Wonder Woman


This is an American superhero film that is derived from the DC Comics character Wonder Woman. It is even one of the most popular theme slot games on loved by games online.  In this show, the Amazon princess Diana believes the genesis of the World War I conflict is the Amazon’s long time enemy called Ares. She receives this information from an American spy pilot who crash-landed on their island Themyscira. Diana is on a mission to put this deadly conflict to a stop. Wonder Woman premiered in Shanghai on May 15, 2017, and in the U.S.A on June 2, 2017. Since its release, Wonder Woman has lots of positive reviews and awards. The American Film Institute selected it among the top 10 films of 2017.

8. Game of Thrones


Last but not least, there is the GOT! The Game of Thrones is a TV show that has received plaudits around the world since its debut season. It is a series that revolves around nine noble families staging series fights against each other in a bid to control the mythical land of Westeros. The series culminates in season 8, where the true heir of the throne is finally revealed after turmoil and bloodshed.  It is arguably one of the best movie series to have been produced and you ought to watch it!

Wrap up

There are many other top TV shows you can watch to kill boredom, especially in lockdown. Try out some of the shows, and we hope you will love them.


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