Everyone has felt fear when they notice their phone is not in their pockets. The thoughts of having your device out of your possession with all the precious memories inside can be devastating. That is why phone tracking programs are becoming more popular over the years because of the benefits they offer.

The ability to quickly find your phone, with the help of the location option is already a known feature. Besides that, you can see a list of people who called the phone, as well as other online habits. This makes these applications a great tool to protect your children.

However, you are surely asking yourself whether you can locate your phone without having the location option on. For that reason, we have made this article to give you an answer and explain this process to you. In addition, you will be presented with all the benefits a tracker app offers, so you can consider using one for protective measures.

Can They Track Your Device Without the Location on


Although getting the location off drastically helps the process of keeping yourself out of the tracking perimeter, you are still not completely safe.

Tracking using the location option is not the only way how can someone reach the geographical position of your phone. So yes, your phone can still be located even without an active location option.

How Is This Process Done

Other methods are being used if you need to locate your phone, or if law enforcement needs to access your position. To understand that better, we have made a shortlist of methods that can be used for tracking someone’s device.

Through cell carriers

You are getting connected to your carrier as soon as your phone is being turned on. This helps you to get a good signal when calling someone, or getting a good data signal.

However, the cell carriers can give information about the position of the device that is being connected. There are many towers, and the movement of your device is being recorded based on the towers that emit the signal.

There is a delay between the signals of your phone to the tower and the tower to the current device you are using for tracking. For that reason, there is an equation used parallelly to determine the right positioning, and it is relatively precise.

Occasional wi-fi connection

Whenever you connect yourself to a wi-fi that is free for all users, you are sharing access to your device to get the signal going. When you get connected somewhere, the carrier can get the information of your last connection, and your position can be reached.



The simulators are often seen in movies as vehicles that serve the same purpose as a carrier tower, with a signal that is much more powerful than the one from to tower.

The devices are being programmed to connect to the source that offers the strongest signal. Since these vehicles are the most effective tool in phone tracking, they are being used by law enforcement.


This is usually done by people with bad intentions, and it is usually done during your web search with an unexpected download. The program that has been installed in the background, will use your information and can have access to your phone’s location.

That is why you should be careful with your internet searches. By avoiding suspicious sites, as well as controlling your downloads, you can prevent having a malicious program installed on your phone.

How to Prevent Unwanted Tracking


There are a couple of ways that you can do to prevent the tracking of your device. You should firstly turn off the wi-fi availability whenever you are outside. This will prevent unwanted connections and sharing of unneeded information.

In addition, you should turn off the global positioning option, so you prevent some ways of being tracked. This is not enough as an only measure, but it surely helps with your protection.

Lastly, you should consider using virtual network software, so you protect yourself from the internet since your IP can be easily reached. This, in a combination with the safe use of the internet and avoiding unnecessary downloads surely, protects you from maliciousness.

Why You Should Consider Using a Tracking Application


Besides the scenario where you are being tracked, using a tracking application has various benefits both for yourself and your family. However, make sure to select an app that has been well tested before, and whether users are satisfied with its use.

If you head over to, you can see exactly how mobile location works and how it is implemented.

To show you how beneficial using a tracking app is, we have prepared a small list of situations where it helps.

Find the lost phone

The most obvious scenario is having your phone lost or in the worst case stolen. By having a tracking application installed on your device, you can simply use it to locate the phone. There are also a lot of options that you can use, such as abruption of the phone use, and blocking the option of shutting it down.

Protect your children

The biggest priority as a parent is keeping your youngsters safe and out of trouble. For that reason, you should consider installing a tracking tool on your kid’s devices. That way, you can see what they do online, who is contacting them, and also their messages. This can help you to understand if they are in trouble so you can help them if needed.

Helps you abroad

Having a phone tracker app is highly beneficial when visiting a foreign country. You can easily get lost in the streets, so your friends or family can easily locate you and help you find your way.

Protect your information

The information that we have on our devices is the thing that we are all concerned about when we lost our phones. There can be photos or other things that hold back memories, which are irreplaceable for every individual.

Having a tracker app can also help you to prevent information loss. You can activate the lock, and the information are being out of reach for everyone who tries to open them.

This is why you should think about getting a tracking application for yourself and your family. Make sure you are getting an app with good reviews, and most importantly various options that can help you in the situation you are facing.