Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Tom Cruise said, “I haven’t done any and will never would” in an interview at David Letterman’s show. But his photos tell a different story. Finally, he realized that he is getting older and needs treatments to look good. In two months, Tom Cruise is turning 50 years. He has hardly aged since his first full-fledged appearance in Top Gun. It is easy to know that the actor has used plastic surgery to maintain a youthful appearance.

Even though Tom Cruise denies all the speculations, we know for sure that he has given his face under the knife. Once he had claimed that plastic surgery is disgusting and he would never resort towards it. However, times change and expectations of fans increase day by day. To keep up with the expectations, the Mission Impossible star has to go through plastic surgery and we get it.

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tom cruise plastic surgery

In the playboy magazine interview, Tom cruise says, “I work out every day, eat healthy and have good sleep” in his response to plastic surgery claims.  The most popular star alongside Brad Pitt is happily living with his wife Katie Holmes. He said, “Katie is an extraordinary person, she is creative, beautiful, intelligent and perfect to be my wife”. Katie must have been happy hearing this on television.

Tom Cruise looking so young and manly after 50 years is bit creepy. When movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol came into theaters he was more than 48 years old. He looked like a 30-year-old man. The Brazilian magazine claimed that actor had received cosmetic treatments from a renowned cosmetic surgeon. Although many would argue that there is no plastic type appearance in Tom Cruise face, his skin appears more alive than previous years. The actor may not have used knifes but injections yes.

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