Tom Berenger Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Tom Berenger is Oscar nominated actor who is often seen in the roles of villain and destruction. He made his debut in 1970s and since then he has been acting in many movies. Many of his movies has turned out to be hits. Tom today has got plastic surgery changes on his face. While he is aging, he has to fix his face and look good in the Hollywood.

The skin completion of Tom is very pinkish which the usual sign of skin peeling treatment. Tom Berenger was nominated to receive Oscar for the movie Platoon. Since then he had been enjoying occasional big time movie offers. To act in the movies he needs to have a fuller and smoother face without wrinkles.

On the internet, people have been speculating a lot about Tom Berenger’s plastic surgery. Many have compared Tom with Mickey Rourke due the overly done face because of many plastic surgery alterations. Since Tom didn’t have any facial problems during the years, there are no signs that can indicate the use of facelift.  But the main change in the Tom’s face is because of the use of cheek implants and facial fillers.


tom berenger plastic surgery

On the other hand, Mickey Rourke is known to have taken similar plastic surgery treatments that make him get noted while anyone mentions about Tom Berenger. The experts in plastic surgery consider that cheek implants and facelift together on a face can give adverse results.

Some also suggest that Tom has taken mini facelift along with botox injection to get smooth and youthful face. Dr. Michael Hoffman says, “ Tom Berenger plastic surgery is done more than once, botox and eyelid lift surgery are very much noticeable”. Dr. Sam Paul, expert in facial reconstruction and Rhinoplasty from Beverly Hills says “Tom Berenger has been using facial fillers and Botox treatments from a long time”.

tom berenger facelift

He finds that overall look of Tom is quite remarkable as aged men have a hard time after having plastic surgery. But Tom Berenger has somehow pulled a face that suites his personality.

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