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According to the philosopher Walter Benjamin, “the essay is the game of theory.” If we define a little more, it is a text in which an author exposes and develops his ideas, both objective and subjective. This type of story has an introduction, development, and conclusion that contemplate a subject from a particular approach. This literary genre is highly required by university teachers when proposing academic work, so students must know how to implement it properly.

Writing is a skill, not a talent


Many individuals simply don’t want to get into writing because they’re not “born with the talent,” making them believe that their writing is awful in the first place. This is completely false. Writing isn’t a talent, but a skill that can be developed through time, practice, and, of course, effort.

If you’ve started writing at a young age, you may have more writing advantage, but this isn’t always necessarily true, especially if your writing has had a hiatus. Molding your writing skills in the right school, like The Fay School, would be beneficial for you, as you can grasp a better understanding of the world by acquiring knowledge and wisdom from your diverse learning environment.

Whether you’re an experienced writer or not, writing consistency is the key to improvement.

How do you write an effective essay?

Writing an essay could be made a lot easier if you follow the basic method. This formula is a traditional one for a five-paragraph piece. Still, the same strategy may work for longer documents, as soon as you begin to understand it.

Select a theme and keep it simple. Once you choose a topic, start small and think about three main points that you would like to make. For example, let’s say the subject is “apples.” The three main points could be something as simple as “good-tasting apples,” “apples come in many colors,” and “apples are healthy.”

The first thing that must be clear to write an essay is the structure, but not only that, since other factors influence its quality that, throughout this post, we will try to cover. We can also use the internet for essay writing because there are lots of websites that will provide cheap essay writing services, such as

Structure of an essay

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We can define an essay in three parts according to its structure: introduction, development, and conclusion, but what should each of them contain?

Purpose: The first thing you should think about is the purpose of what you are going to write. Do you want to influence people to think like you, explain the methodology to carry out a certain task, provide information about a person, place, thing, or idea? Write some interesting topics and evaluate which one suits what you intend to achieve with the essay. The most important factor is the number of ideas that arise with that matter.

Introduction: This part should represent approximately 10% of the length of the essay and should perfectly summarize the subject that the author is going to discuss throughout the paper. In the introduction, the argumentative line that will be carried out in the rest of the parts of the essay will be reflected.

Development: It is the central part of the essay and, therefore, the one that should occupy the most extension, specifically around 80%. In this part, the author will present his ideas and arguments, citing other authors, magazines, or reference books on the chosen theme. The main ideas and arguments that position the author on that topic will be presented. All explanations must be related to each other and are well cohesive.

Conclusion: The remaining 10% of the trial extension writes to the conclusion. In this part, the author must summarize the most important ideas of all the text he has written previously. Moreover, you should highlight the ideas that help you position yourself so that you can easily know the author’s position.

Steps to do an essay

As suggested by, once the structure is clear, some tips will help you improve your ideas and, in short, to be able to perform an essay better. Take note of the six tips we give you below:

Think about the theme of your essay

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However, tidy the structure of the essay is, the subject in question must be of great relevance. Discuss current problems and write, keeping in mind the audience. Check local media and internalize the topics that are on the table.

On the other hand, if your essay requires you to follow a certain theme or topic, stick to it and discuss relevant points surrounding the topic.

Research everything you can about the topic you will discuss

Find good sources from which to get the material for your essay. They can surely help you discover the information you need. In case you prefer to search the information on the internet, make sure if your teacher is in favor of or against using Wikipedia as a source.

Study other essays already written on the subject you have chosen

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There’s no such thing as an original work with original ideas, Writing is a journey of learning others’ ideas, understanding them, and writing about them with your own style while giving credit when necessary.

Discover those written by experts on the subject that you plan to develop and learn from types, typologies, information. Looking into a certain writer’s writing style can also help you develop your own.

Don’t cover too many points

The essay does not pretend to exhaust all the possibilities of a subject but focuses only on the part of it. As much as possible, refrain from including too many topics in your essay, and focus on your central idea. But, this shouldn’t stop you from providing meaningful examples and ideas.

Use short sentences

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This will give the text creativity and keep the reader’s attention. It’s a way to stop boring your audience, and ideas are concrete.

Includes reflections

As objective as your essay should be, it is recommended that after the conclusion, you include a paragraph that stimulates reflection and attempts to change the reader’s perspective on the subject.

Transmit your passion

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This essay is not like any of the above written as a student since it is about showing what he is passionate about and why he does it. Make sure the subject of the paper really excites you and let your words reflect that passion.

How do I title my essay?

Starting a university essay does not seem difficult, but keep in mind it is the first part of the writing that your teacher will read and, therefore, will be the first impression of your work. Like all first impressions, the title should give a positive or negative impression; you should strive to give a positive first impression. A good title can make a difference in how your reader perceives your essay, even if that reader is nothing less than your teacher. We must follow these tips while writing a good title:

Create an attractive but brief title, for example, “Tactical Secrets.” The title attracts the reader’s interest because it promises to reveal a secret.

Write a title that asks a question. For example, “What’s wrong with hating?” If you choose a question, make sure you answer it in the body of your essay.

Write a title that juxtaposes two contradictory concepts. For example, “Finding the truth in myth,” the contradiction will make the reader want to know how you resolved the conflict. Write a title that includes words from the conclusion of your essay.