No one likes to talk about or implement taboo subjects in their daily lives, but more people start to understand that they actually might be useful in here is the reason why people are starting to make this change.

Finding your perfect match is never easy, but once you find him/her, you rush to build a relationship between you two as fast as possible. You might think since he or she is your perfect match, there won’t be any kind of disagreements in your relationship, right? You are meant to be with a charter, so why should you ever argue? Well, there is no such thing as a partnership without this agreement. In fact, if two people in a relationship never argue, there must be something wrong with that couple.

So, if you have entered a difficult time with your partner where you cannot agree on even the most basic things, it is time to do something new and to change your day-to-day life. There are so many things you can change that can improve the connection between you two and enter that state of love again. However, to achieve that level of love between you two again, you can just follow all of the simple “rules” of a relationship. There are several taboo things that you should probably try and see whether it helps your situation.

For some, taking this kind of step can be uncomfortable. This is why I am sharing these taboo things, so people can have a much better understanding of what they really are.

Sleep in different bedrooms


Most of the time, throughout our lives, we are taught that the people that are in love with each other must sleep together and share the same bed. Most of us have learned that this is the right way because our parents always shared that same one bed. In the night that they didn’t, we would immediately assume that there is something wrong between those two.

However, that is simply not true. You are in your own home, and you get to decide what is normal and what is not. You cannot let society tell you that you should always sleep in the same bed as your partner. If both of you do not feel comfortable sharing one bed, then maybe you should just sleep in different beds. Having a bit of privacy in the night is actually very comforting for the mind.

Of course, this is not a rule. You can always decide whether you want to sleep together for a night or not. By obtaining this extra privacy in your lives, you might start to appreciate each other more than in the past.

Forget about dating for a minute


Most of us have experienced the moment when a certain friend finds a girlfriend or boyfriend, and you suddenly stop seeing them at all. We never get to see those friends because they are usually going out on a date together or double dating with other friends. I do have to add, there is nothing wrong with us. Things change and people change too. If they feel more comfortable going on dates then partying, that is their choice.

However, just because you have entered a relationship, does not mean that you should completely forget about going out on your own (with your friends). Both your partner and your friends deserve an equal amount of your time and attention. And it is not just about making everyone else feel good, it is also about making yourself feel good. Dates can be fun and great, but a crazy night out with close friends is also an awesome experience.

So, if you truly want to see an improvement in your relationship, I would recommend taking a pause from dating for a minute to spend some quality time with your friends. Your partner should also to the same thing.

Taboo additions to your sex life


Healthy sex life is a very important part of every little relationship. Without it, things can get pretty frustrating between you two. So, if you have noticed that the sexual tension between you two is growing while avoiding sex, there are some taboo things you can add to make things a bit of a bit more interesting.

Consider adding vibrators, dildos, pumps, or some crazy sex positions. If you want to take a step even further, you could consider purchasing a sex doll so that you can use it together. According to, these dolls can be made so realistic, you might actually think that there is a third person in your bed.

Some time for yourself


After a hard day’s work full of stress, most of us just want to get home, take off our shoes, go to bed, play video games, or watch some TV. You just want to be alone and that is fine. However, most people are taught that the role of a boyfriend or a girlfriend is required to push constantly push your partner to share their experience of said bad day. No, why should you do that?

If you truly want to be a good partner, you have to respect their boundaries and privacy. If he or she does not feel like talking about something right now, then let them have their privacy.

Keep some secrets to yourself


If you truly want a taboo change in your life, you should probably try keeping some things to yourself. But why would that help your relationship in any way? Well, you have your own mind and no one can see what exactly you are thinking about and what you want to do. This is simply how the human brain works and we cannot allow anyone to intrude those thoughts.

Unfortunately, society teaches us that we always have to share even the deepest secrets with our partners. But, I don’t think that is true and that you are allowed to have your secret thoughts for yourself and no one else.

Of course, you will first have to talk to your partner about this and tell them about this particular change you want to make in your lifestyle. Don’t worry, I’m sure they will understand you and will probably even try this taboo change for themselves.
It is important to learn that you should not always follow the societal rules that are pushed on us. Experimenting with different taboo subjects can be both healthy and interesting.