With the App Store and Play Store flooded with thousands of apps for people to download and use, it becomes difficult to say which ones are the best. Though, we have done the hard work for our readers by shortlisting the best apps available for people to download in 2022.

For our readers, we have hand-picked some noteworthy and famous apps that are great options for all smartphone devices. Having said that, the apps mentioned below can be easily downloaded on budget phones and some high-end options as well.

No matter if you are new to apps or have been using them for years now, we have created a roundup list of apps. It has all kinds of apps noted for our readers to have a full-fledged application library on their phones. These apps are useful since they have several features that help make the journey of users easy.

● Spotify


The best app to listen to all your favorite songs and music. Spotify is a very popular music streaming service provider. The app allows users to download a song on their device and they can listen to them without an active internet connection. Now, you could say, we can listen to songs using YouTube as well, then what is the difference? One of the major differences between the two is that you cannot exit YouTube while a song is playing.

● ExpressVPN


The Express VPN is a VPN app that provides a user with an encrypted tunnel through which you can easily access the internet. The VPN furthermore helps conceal your original IP address and also hide all your online activities. This helps a user provide the required anonymity as they surf through the internet.

Undoubtedly there are numerous VPS apps available on the internet for you to download it and obtain the maximum benefits. Express VPN is one of the most renowned and famous options available. It offers a complete and unique set of features that a user expects from a VPN app. It offers split tunnelling to access and stream libraries across the world.

● Todoist


One of the best apps available in the market that help you manage all your professional and personal tasks effortlessly. It is a productivity tool that makes sure to boost your productivity to a great extent. Furthermore, it gives every user the confidence that everything in your tasklist is accounted for, and organised. Having said that, you will be able to complete the important tasks first, and keep the less important ones for later.

With tons of features integrated and an easy to use interface, this app is a must have for you, if you keep juggling between tasks. It will help you get a clear and crisp overview of everything that is there on your plate. Set priority levels on this tool accordingly to know which task is to be completed first. Be it payment of bills, a doctor’s visit or just anything else, this app will remind you of everything.

● Dropbox


Are you tired of running low on device space too often? You will not have to worry anymore. Dropbox is a cloud storage service that helps a user to save files online and then sync it with their devices. That said, the files will be accessed through your mobile phone, but will not be actually stored in it. With this app you can easily share files with your friends without sending large attachments.

● Duolingo


Another great app in the play and app store that helps people learn any language of their choice. It is a free to use app offering numerous bite-sized lessons for people to enhance their communication skills. Language learning with Duolingo is fun and easy at the same time. It enables a user to stay motivated throughout and also allows them to have fun with the learning lessons.

● Google Maps


As the name suggests, the app is an online map built by Google. To use the app and obtain its benefits, you can either open it through your web browser or can also download it as a free app. The app is available for all Android and iOS devices, and it helps a user reach from one point to another in unknown cities as well. The app offers step-by-step directions to help a user reach their destination.

● Bite


This app is the best and an ideal option for all foodies out there. With a clean and attractive interface it makes the task of finding highly-rated restaurants in your area. There are numerous food and restaurant review apps available on the internet, but at present Bute stands out among all. Instead of showcasing endless irrelevant reviews and generic menu items, Bite provides consumers with quality information and high-quality images.

The information offered by this app is what matters the most to the consumers. They enable a user to rate the dishes that they tried at a restaurant based on certain factors, like, quality, taste and cost.

● Sketchbook


If you are interested in painting or sketching, then Sketchbook is one of the best apps on the Internet that allow you to do so on your mobile phone. Yes, that’s true. You don’t need a book and a pen to sketch something you want to. With this app you can draw anything on the go as well. Nothing on the app is cluttered, and the tools are only a tap away.

The Bottom Line

Above listed are only a few apps that prove to be the best choice for every user. Though, the list is never ending, and the more you explore, the more apps you will find relevant to you. We hope that you were able to find some quality options and these apps will for sure help you in the long run. We have some of the excellent free to use apps listed for our readers to make the most of it.