The practice of plastic surgery in Hollywood is no longer a new thing. Many top celebrities have all been involved in plastic surgery and a few have publicly admitted while others have either denied or kept mute about their involvement. Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery is also another latest celebrity plastic surgery rumor to hit the internet and the procedure has completely altered his facial appearance over the years.

Like many other celebrities, his involvement in plastic surgery may not have been for personal reason. It may be because of the same reasons (pressure from fans to maintain their youthful appearance and to enhance their career) that many other celebrities have been involved. The effects on his photos have shown that he was involved in Botox injections and facelift, eye surgery and jaw surgery as well.

Sylvester Stallone photos have shown that there are no signs of aging effects such as wrinkles and aging lines. Also his appearance has looked more unnatural and many people have criticized his decision to undergo plastic surgery. In judging from both photos, it is very clear that he doesn’t have any facial expressions and produced a more plastic look. His appearance is totally frozen.


sylvester stallone plastic surgery

Because plastic surgery procedure is irreversible it has left many celebrities with an undesired results while others have looked very horrible, others have enjoyed the better side of plastic surgery procedure. For Sylvester Stallone, it’s hard to conclude that his plastic surgery was a success and it can’t be regarded as a failure. But one thing is sure, it completely left his face too tight and rid of human expression.

Despite turning 72 already, Sylvester Stallone is one movie star who seems to be kicking and punching far better than the age he claims and this is the main reason why the internet generally thinks he must have been under the knife to sustain his looks. However, the Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery rumors still addresses the fact that the actor must have had hair transplant. This is simply because when the actor was quite younger, he used to have a receding hairline.

sylvester stallone botox

If nothing was done to stop this receding hairline, trust me, he should have lost all of his hair by now and be probably looking bald but that isn’t the case today as he has grown more hair which only suggests a hair transplant surgery. The internet also believes that this hair transplant surgery wasn’t done just once but he must have visited the same clinic several times to get it to look this perfect. Well, looking at Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery transformation would only tell you he isn’t retiring anytime soon.

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The superstar actor who has been in a lot of movies in Hollywood is doing all he possibly can just to make sure he is still fit and good looking for the main screens. In comparing his old and recent pictures, there are quite some evidences that the star must have made some alterations here and there and who knows, maybe someday, his own life story would make a hit movie at the Box Office. What are your thoughts concerning the Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery rumors?