Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


The pictures of sofia Vergara taken in 2010 wearing swimsuit shows us the belly that one can’t avoid after being pregnant. It seemed like she had a liposuction on her belly as Tara Reid did few year back. But, we can’t get cynical about her belly while she is a mommy to a son. Odd things happen when pregnancy results into skin damage because of stretching.

If Sofia Vergera in any case became hot again as she did this last summer, it has something to do with plastic surgery. Celebrities always have solutions to get rid of extra skin around their belly by getting a mini tummy tuck or other improvements. So Sofia Vergera’s body is in our list of plastic celebrities.

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sofia vergara plastic surgery

Sofia Vergera having a sexy body obviously means that she had a plastic surgery to enhance her figure. But aside from this, indeed she is a really talented and sexy model and actress. She started her career as a model and later became an actress. Many men had been following her hot sexy body for a long time. But most of them are now asking if the curves of Sofia Vergara are real.

And the answer is they were before, not anymore. Moreover, from the photos we clearly see her breasts have got bigger. This is only possible by having a boob job that is a signature of plastic surgery. Overall, she wants to keep her body in good shape which obviously is a part of being model and actress. Sofia Vergara has not made any comments about her plastic surgery.

sofia vergara facelift

This secret of her is likely to remain that way through her career. But we don’t need a confession, looking at the before and after photos is a great deal to know whether she has done breast implants or tummy tucks.

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