Snooki Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Snooki gets great attention due to her exotic skin and cute looks. There is something more it and that is plastic surgery. Yes, along with the natural looks, she has done changes on her body to seduce the audience. The cosmetic procedures have now given Snooki the voluptuous breasts and they work awesome in captivating people.

It would be unfair to blame Snooki as there are so many actors and actresses who have changed their appearance to make it big in the entertainment business. Snooki is just one among them. She is a young beauty of 27 years from Chile. Her original name is Nicole Polizzi. She was blessed with American life at a young age.

When she was about six months old, she was adopted from Italian American parents.  First starring in the MTV reality show Jersey shore, she got fame from the people. Now she hosts her own show called Snooki and JWoww. According to surgeons and critics the surgery that Snooki had in her mouth is teeth whitening. Like having a boob or nose job, teeth whitening is also popular these days.

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snooki plastic surgery

It gives brighter smile that can go a long way in show bizz. Other than teeth whitening, she has also enhanced her boobs. This is a common rumor among celebrities and in this case, of Snooki it can be proved by looking at before and after photos of her. Indeed, she has big boobs now and which is a result of implants in her breasts. Snooki since her young ages seems to have good shaped boobs.

But they get bigger every year. The type of boobs that she has today, resemble with the old school breasts having implants in them. Closely look at the pictures and you can definitely make out the difference by yourself. Recently on the her Instagram account Snooki posted a comment Sexy biatchh! @jennijwowwmtv who seem to be her best friend.

snooki facelift

We think she is getting bad influences from 40-year-old Jenni who has had many plastic surgeries and busted out. Snooki is only 26!! Last month Snooki had a great show off session as she posed for a people magazine. The Jersey Shore star is now getting extra attention for her fake dazzling teeth.

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