Cannabis is a plant that has been known to man for thousands of years, and it is also used for various purposes. It has various uses in the textile industry, food, cosmetics, all the way to consumption to achieve various psychoactive effects.

It can be divided into two basic groups. Marijuana used for smoking and other modes of consumption to achieve a specific feeling of intoxication, known as “high”. While hemp is used in the textile industry, diet, and for many other purposes. It is increasingly used as a type of treatment for various diseases. It is suitable for widespread use because it has a low level of THC in it, unlike marijuana, and therefore it does not cause any psychoactive effects. Below 0.5 percent is the THC concentration.

But what you probably didn’t know is that hemp buds can also be smoked. The purpose is different, and we will explain to you what the purpose is and what things you need to know about smoking hemp buds.

Most relevant differences between hemp and marijuana


THC concentration is of course not the only difference. There are great differences in the morphology of these two plants and that is why they have different applications.

CBD (cannabidiol) content: Cannabidiol makes up almost 45 percent of the composition of a cannabis plant. The main difference compared to THC is that, unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive substance. Hemp plants register high levels of cannabidiol compared to marijuana plants, while the THC level is very close to zero. For that reason, hemp is not consumed recreationally and for the sake of enjoyment, but the effect it has on health.

Plant morphology: As the concentration of THC and CBD varies, it also looks very different visually. Hemp is a tall plant, which grows several meters. It has fewer branches and leaves and much fewer flowers.

Cultivation: The conditions in which these two varieties of cannabis are cultivated are very different. As their purpose is different, it is logical that cultivation also differs. In hemp, both male and female parts of the plant are used, while in marijuana, only female parts are used, while male parts are removed. Since hemp is used to produce oil and much more, cultivation is legal in many countries around the world, while this is not the case with marijuana.

Things to know

1. There are many benefits


The benefits of smoking CBD buds are various. It has a calming effect, but in a different way from marijuana and the effect that THC produces. The effect is mild, which relaxes you, but does not slow you down. Then if you have any inflammatory process in your body, CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Any inflammatory process that causes pain can be relieved in this way.

If you have an addiction or suffer from mental illness, such as anxiety and depression, this is the right choice for you. This is considered a healthy substitute for cigarettes. And unlike cigarettes or any drugs to treat these types of diseases, it is not addictive. That is certainly one of the biggest benefits.

2. It is legal and not intoxicating


We all know that marijuana is still not legal in most places on planet Earth. But this way of consuming CBD is legal and you do not face potential problems with the law. Also, it is not intoxicating so you can consume whenever you want and continue your day without consequences. You will not have a feeling of slowness, but you will be ready to do whatever it takes.

3. It is cheap

Weed is incomparably more expensive, as are various products that contain CBD. Hemp has a high dose of CBD compared to any type of weed, and it is incomparably cheaper. So if your goal is to consume CBD, then this is a clear choice.

4. Best utilization of CBD


You can find a wide variety of products that contain CBD. There are capsules, tablets, sweets, oils, and many other things full of CBD. However, as in any processing, certain characteristics are lost during processing. And CBD isolate is used, which does not have all the good properties of the plant. That is why smoking buds are very useful because the concentration of CBD is high.

5. The quality varies considerably


This can be applied to anything in general, but it is especially noticeable with hemp. Buy buds only from proven places, such as Miami Rave CBD, otherwise, there is a possibility that they will not experience any benefits. Just because it is legal, many CBD products such as ACDC Strain and CBD Hemp Flower are not of good quality because they do not pass a detailed inspection. That is why it can be challenging to find quality CBD products. But it’s worth it because otherwise, you’ll just spend money on nothing.

6. It must be fully heated

Be patient when you intend to smoke. It must be fully heated because only in this way CBD and all cannabinoids provide all their effects. Don’t lose potential benefits due to impatience.

7. You need to know how to inhale


While this may seem strange to you because you have inhaled cigarettes or weed countless times, there is still the best way to inhale CBD buds. Inhale slowly and try to fill as much of your lungs as possible. In this way, the absorption of cannabinoids will be significantly higher. You will see greater effects than if you just inhale a little. Take a break between two inhalations.

8. You will quickly feel the effect


Compared to using oils or edibles, here you will feel the effects incomparably fast. The explanation for this is very simple. For any product containing CBD to enter your bloodstream, it must first pass through your entire digestive tract and be processed. Only then will the CBD be released into the bloodstream. When smoking, you will see the effect almost immediately. Also, none of the effects that the digestive tract might influence, won’t be affected.

This is considered a healthy substitute for cigarettes. And unlike cigarettes or any drugs to treat these types of diseases, it is not addictive. That is certainly one of the biggest benefits. You’d be surprised once you learn more about the diverse use of hemp and its perks in many fields.


If you knew nothing so far about smoking CBD buds, now some things are certainly clearer to you and we assume you have a desire to try.