Earning money in several different ways is possible in the world of advanced technology. You can start a business online, freelance, etc. However, people are looking for more entertaining ways to achieve their goals. That is probably the reason why gambling became so popular in all parts of the globe. 

Logically, people use different methods and games to make money through gambling. Some people prefer land-based casinos because they feel like professionals in that way. On the other hand, online gambling gained huge popularity because of the different benefits it can bring. It is a perfect choice for people that want to gamble in peace. 

Despite that, we need to highlight that not all games are equally popular among gamblers. Slot machines are extremely popular because of interesting designs, storylines, etc. However, slot gamblers a bit different from other players in the casino. You can easily see these individuals have the most superstitions compared to other types of gamblers. 

Don’t Always Count on Luck


In this article, we will analyze slot machine superstitions only gamblers will understand. Yet, before we start, there is one important thing we have to say. Being a successful gambler is not only a matter of luck. Different factors will include your success. First of all, you need to work on your gambling skills and self-control. People should not spend more than they can afford because that can lead to addiction. Besides that, you need to choose the right casino to play the game of that type. 

Finding the perfect casino is not as easy as you think. You will find dozens of casino comparison websites online, but not all of them have the credibility to talk about the subject. That is the reason why we recommend you check in-depth info here. There you can get more information about casinos with huge bonuses and a variety of payment methods. 

Anyway, after we explained everything, let’s get to the point. Let’s find out together the slot machine superstitions only gamblers will understand. 

Location of Machine Is Important


Believe it or not, the location of the slot machine is quite important for every superstitious gambler. They always avoid choosing the machines that are placed near the entrance of the casino. Those slots seem like the ones that are not going to allow them to win the reward. Because of that, they choose to play slots that are placed in the back or middle of the casino. 

We believe that people that are not gamblers will not understand superstition like that. Being a slot gambler truly is a strange thing. 

New Slot Machines Are Profitable

You will manage to hear this myth in all parts of the world. Gamblers believe that new slot machines will bring them a better profit. They think that casinos allow higher payouts to attract customers to try out new games. However, we need to highlight that myth like that is not correct at all. 

The same rule counts for offline and online casinos. Every slot that you want to play is not rigged. It doesn’t matter if you are playing the 1st or 100th spin. Your chances of winning or losing money are the same in every moment. People are a bit skeptical when we talk about online slots. However, that type of game functions thanks to the Random Number Generator. It is an algorithm that ensures every spin you make is completely random. Because of that, it truly doesn’t matter if you are playing new or old slots. They all work in the same way and your chances of winning are always the same. 

Standing Up Can Make You Rich


We believe that you will always want to sit while you are in front of a slot machine. However, the superstitious gamblers will not agree with you. They believe that standing up while playing raises your chances of winning. 

The craziest part of all is the reason why gamblers are doing that. Believe it or not, they think that the machine knows when you feel comfortable or not. When slot feels that you feel comfortable, it is less likely it will pay you out. At least, that is something that the most passionate gamblers will tell you. 

We once again need to repeat the most important thing about the slot machine. The software that machines use ensures that each spin you make is random. Because of that, it doesn’t truly matter in which position you will play the game. You can sit, stand, or even lay down, but the chances of winning the reward will remain the same. That is the reason why you should not let your legs hurt you because of the game. Find the most comfortable position and enjoy the game to the fullest. 

Cold and Hot Coins


The superstition about hot coins is something you can hear in all parts of the globe. Passionate players believe their chances of winning will grow if they play with hot coins. Because of that, they always rub the coins before inserting them into the machine. 

On the other hand, there is an opposite superstition about the coins. Some players claim that you can trick the machine by inserting cold coins. Neither of these two myths is correct. Keep in mind that the machine can’t discover if your coins are cold or hot. The temperature of the coins can’t influence your success in any way. 

Playing Slots That Haven’t Paid Out For a While


The most passionate gamblers spend the entire day in a casino. However, that doesn’t mean they will play the games for the entire day. They often sit, order a drink, and watch other gamblers playing. In that way, they want to check which slot machine hasn’t paid out for a while. 

The reason why they are doing that is simple. When the jackpot hasn’t been paid out recently, they believe it will come soon. Because of that, they will wait for another play to finish playing and sit in front of the same machine. 

We already mentioned a couple of times through the article why that statement isn’t correct. Random Number Generator is responsible for the honesty of all games in a casino. If you get a jackpot in one spin, the chances of winning it in the next one are the same. Being in a losing strike doesn’t mean you will start winning sooner or later.