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Richard Lloyd Walters was given birth to in the year 1965 14th Jan in the city of London (England). He has taken up rapping as his career and goes with the stage name Slick Rick. His musical career that began in the late 80’s didn’t go unnoticed given the fact that his appearance was the link between old school rap and that of the present with him decorating his appearance with gold chains and other forms of trademarks.

In the year 1988 he released his first official album and the album walked its way into the #2 before the 80’s was over. During that period he dropped another album that was related to children, the album also made its way to #5. As of then the success of his musical career was cut short given that he got arrested after firing shots at his cousin who harassed his mother.

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He was sentenced to jail for his actions, nevertheless he made sure that he recorded and released an album before been jailed. The album comprises of a track in which he regretted his actions. He has since then released many other albums and the Grammy nominee is regarded as a story teller while rapping due to his long notes of narrating events in his songs.

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  • United Kingdom

Date of Birth

  • 14th January 1965

Place of Birth

  • Mitcham, London


  • 55


  • Rapper


  • 77 kg


  • 170 cm


  • Mandy Aragones

slim rick career

Net Worth

  • $1 million

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