Health must be the most important aspect of our lives. There’s no doubt about it. When you are healthy, everything is possible. When you’re sick, no money or fortune could buy you happiness. Of course, even with sickness, we can keep our life quality at a high level. Medicine has advanced enough that today there are treatments for almost all diseases. Of course, some still can’t be cured, but hope remains that we’re at least going in the right direction. Time will tell.

When we talk about curing some illnesses or maintaining some conditions, the most important part is to have the right kind of therapy. It is the doctor’s job to give you the right one, and with it, your life quality is kept up to standards. Millions of people all over the world live on some kind of therapy. This is no secret or a taboo. There are treatments for various conditions such as depression, anxiety, various autoimmune diseases, and other chronicle conditions. The downside to even the best therapy is that with time it will stop working.

This is nobody’s fault, it’s just that our bodies quickly adapt. Considering that you can’t be under a doctor’s supervision 24/7, you need to know ways to recognize that the therapy you have been given is no longer functioning. Of course, you can always seek help fromĀ, but you could also rely on yourself if you don’t prefer the safer option we mentioned first. Of course, after reading this article you’ll be relying a bit on us. That’s not a bad place to be, considering that we’re about to give you the five signs your treatment isn’t working and you need a different one. Now that we’re done with the introduction, let’s see how we can help you.

There’s No Improvement Even After Prolonged Period of Usage


This is where it all starts. Every treatment has one condition to qualify as a good one – it needs to give results. Every treatment that hits the note as Bruce Springsteen hits his guitar riffs. It is its job. If you have been using the same therapy for a while, regardless of your condition, and there are no signs of improvements, something is wrong. This is the first sign you need to notice. Of course, it takes time for some therapies to kick in, but if after a long period you feel the same, or even worse, it’s the right time to replace it. There’s no shame in admitting that therapy is failing. You always need to move forward to a better one. Put your health in the front seat. Don’t be like Jason Garrett, and make the halftime adjustments.

If You’re Experiencing Side-Effects

No therapy is perfect. For a while, any you use will give you side effects. But, a doctor will warn you about those. What’s important is to notice side effects that weren’t listed when you took the therapy. For example, when you’re using therapy for your heart condition, you might be feeling some side effects of the medicines. But, when it comes to the heart, it’s a touchy subject as any pop star, type of Taylor Swift could tell you. But, while it’s not easy to maintain a heart condition, you should be wary of side effects such as lack of breath, getting tired easily, and having issues doing regular activities. Various side-effects could lead to more severe conditions and it’s essential to notice them in time.

Immediate Improvement, Permanent Lack of Change


Most therapies work in mysterious ways. We’re not trying to talk badly about the science of medicine, but sometimes this is true. Some conditions such as depression, are handled with medicines that give results, but it’s still not an exact science. Our brain is the real mystery here. There are various neurochemicals involved, and that’s what makes it impossible to find a therapy that will always work. For most patients with conditions of depression or loneliness the therapy kicks in strong at the beginning. But, after a while its effects vein. If you’re a patient with diagnosed depression, it’s vital to report t your doctor that you have been feeling good from the start, but that after a while the effects of the therapy have slowed down or disappeared completely. This is a clear sign that you need a therapy change.

It Only Partially Works

When you’re in therapy, you want your condition handled completely. The success of the therapy affects your quality of life, and once you’re using one, you want to continue normally with your activities. When this is not possible, you know that the change is imminent. One of the worst parts of the therapy is that it can only partially cover your condition. While you’re going to feel relieved that some of the symptoms are gone, those that are left behind will irritate you even more. At the moment that you feel, that the therapy is not functioning 100% you need to request a change. Of course, the doctors will handle the issue as professionals and will designate your therapy in a manner that covers all the dots. This reminds us of Bradley Cooper in Limitless, where his therapy would give him the ability to use his brain to a full 100% capacity but would render him unable to remember the past events in a short timeframe. A change was needed for him, and so is for you, if your therapy works only partially.

Physical Changes


This is quite an obvious one, right? It is. Some therapies will cause you physical changes even if you’re using them for mental conditions. When you start having bumps and rashes due to your therapy, it’s a sign to be worried. Therapy serves to make you feel better, and not go through some physical changes. If this happens, you need to rush to your doctor. It’s not wise to allow things like these to happen as in most cases it is not a natural reaction to medicines. Stay safe, and look for any changes, especially those that happen on your skin.

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