Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Hollywood actresses and singers are the ones who get the most attention in the celebrity world. Everything about these celebrities makes news in the magazines and newspapers. Some columns are always kept for giving out details about plastic surgeries on popular actresses and singers.

Sharon Stone is one among them who have getting a lot of rumors and has been in the news regarding plastic surgery. If you have a hard time remembering her, then we’ll introduce you to her. She is a famous actress, known for her roles in movies such as Total Recall, Basic Instinct, and Cat Woman.

Most rumors about Sharon Stone on plastic surgeries started a few years ago.  People noticed changes in her face and body. For now, only surgery that is proven is lip augmentation. This is done using some type of filler such as Botox or Restylane. Sharon tells us that she was frustrated with the small lips she had before using the fillers. However, after the treatment she was shocked because of the size of her lips. “They looked terribly bad” she says.

sharon stone plastic surgery

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The recent photos of her show good-sized lips, guess she reversed the results. There many other people who believe that Sharon has done many other changes than just lip augmentation. The rumors speculate about changes in her breasts and jaws. If at all, she has used breast implants that must be smaller in size. However, none of these is confirmed or clearly visible in the photos.

Sharon in one of the interviews confessed that plastic surgery is terrifying to her. So she decided not to get plastic surgeries in future. She is not willing to make any changes to her face or breasts and want to age naturally. This is visible in the photos. Her face has remained natural and unchanged for a long time. We guess she is terrified with the plastic surgeries of Joan Van Ark and Carrot top like celebrities and want to stay away from it.

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