Reaching anyone through SMS messages without sharing your original identity is the perfect way to maintain your privacy. Sometimes, you need to share sensitive information with someone anonymously so that no one else knows about you. But is it possible to do so?

Technology is growing rapidly, and there is a solution to every problem. It is easy to send messages anonymously. Such private communication can be done due to any purpose. The main concern is to hide one’s genuine identity, and one can share any information. There is one more reason to become anonymous to send texts when you do not need any reply.

There are several ways to send many texts without sharing your genuine identity. One can visit this website to do it easily. This write-up will teach you other things about anonymous messaging and methods.

1. Is It Possible to Send Texts to Anyone Anonymously?

The latest technology allows you to share information with any person without identity revealed. Now, you might be thinking about the ways to do this job. You can operate any mobile app, website, third-party application, or VoIP. Normally, you can easily send anyone texts once without expecting any reply.

One can share long information through packets if anyone has to share it. The receiver will receive multiple messages from the same number. But the person will not be able to contact you. Your original number will be removed from the packet, and any random number will replace it. Everything will happen before the recipient receives it.

2. Is It Traceable?


In most situations, these anonymous messages cannot be traceable because your original number is discarded before the delivery of the text. But law enforcement can crack your details if you use this technology for criminal activities. It is good not to be involved in scams or other harassing crimes.

In many apps, it is possible to get identity details from the logs. Your information can be saved in their database, and officials can find your details. Deleting some messages quickly from your home is necessary because scammers can trace your location by that message.

3. Sending Messages by Using the Internet

A special feature on the internet, i.e., VoIP, helps users to send a message or make a call without sharing their original identity. Whenever you make any call, it is transformed into a digital signal and transferred by the internet to another phone. You can operate this feature by using your mobile or computer and good-speed internet for a call.

Finding and operating relevant apps is crucial to receive a virtual type of phone ID for using the VoIP feature. After that, one can use that random number to send texts anonymously. One can get this service on your device by getting the paid plan. One can even send bulk and non-reply unlimited messages through these apps.

4. Sending Many Messages Through a Mobile App


On iPhone and Android devices, one can find many applications to send any information anonymously. One needs to download and install them. When you open the app, you will easily understand the interface and can easily send many messages by following the given steps.

Ensure to explore plenty of features available in the app that can be free or paid. You can secure your identity by getting paid services. In many applications, a user can send limited anonymous texts that you can easily send to someone.

5. Hiding the Caller ID

You can switch off the caller ID on the Android or iPhone mobile if you do not want to use any third-party application. It will help block your phone number, and you can text any person without sharing your original identity. This feature is available on your mobile, and many people must learn about it.

In Apple phones, you can move to settings and see the Phone option to explore the Caller ID. You must turn it off to block the original ID. In Android phones, again, you must tap on the additional settings and get an option for Caller ID, which needs to be switched off.

6. Sending Message by Using Your Email

It is not a completely anonymous method of sending any message to someone. Instead of operating your mobile number, one must send a piece of information by email. It is necessary to create an email ID and avoid using your name.

But many methods exist to reveal your original identity. You need to be smart while dealing with your email for sending texts. You can operate these services for sending SMS, MMS, attachments, etc., to the recipient’s number without sharing your identity.

7. Sending Messages by Using Any Website


Many online websites allow you to send any number of texts to any person without sharing your identity for free or at cheaper rates. The site works in a manner that changes your phone number and replaces it with the random one.

You will be asked to change details and help you be hidden. One can send both national and international messages. But it is necessary to check the site as it should be genuine. Scammers available on fake websites can steal your information and use it negatively.

The Bottom Line

It is possible to send any person text messages without sharing their original identity. It can be done in many ways, like using the internet VoIP service, mobile apps, websites, blocking caller ID, etc. Sending any person such private texts helps maintain your privacy. One can easily send any information to anyone without expecting any reply.

It is also possible to simultaneously send bulk messages to the same or different phone numbers. Taking care of your security before using any third-party application or website. It is good if you send messages anonymously without any purpose of fraud or scam.