Seis Manos is a series filled with action and drama. It takes the viewers on an adventure. The show gives one an insight into the world of martial arts.

A Peek Into The Storyline


Season one had an amusing storyline. It can give us a hint to what we can expect from season two. The series has been created by Brad Graeber and Alvaro Rodriguez. The story is based in the town of Seis Manos, Mexico. It revolves around three orphans Isabela, Jesus, and Silencio. Martial Arts become their forte as they are trained in it from childhood. They become experts and can protect others with their powers.

Things take a turn when an unfortunate incident completely turns their life upside down. Their mentor who was like a father figure is murdered. The three plan to avenge his murder by joining an American task force. They also join hands with a drug enforcement administration to raise awareness on drug abuse and usage. With the support of a policewoman, they were able to pin down the murderer.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


The first season showcased three main characters in the leading roles who will also be seen in season two. They are Silencio, Jesus, and Isabella. The three siblings were orphaned at a young age. They have struggled to a great extent to make ends meet. The trio is unbreakable and is dependent on each other to a great extent.

Isabella is the eldest. Her character is voiced by Aislin Derbez. She is the backbone of the group and is a mother-like figure to Silencio and Jesus. She bridges the gap and is generous. She is a trained Chinese martial artist and specializes in Hung Ga style. Isabela, unlike her brothers, believes in the notion of ‘justice for all. She even supports officer Garcia’s decision to put Silencio behind the bars for the numerous murders he has committed in the past.

Silencio is affected by his childhood trauma. He is unable to speak as his tongue was cut off. He witnessed the murder of his parents before his own eyes. To date, those horror scenes affect him. He specializes in the ‘Bak Mei’ style and is also a martial artist. He keeps falling in trouble which adds to the drama of the series.

Jesus is known for his humorous one-liners. He is a jolly man. Jesus specializes in the drunken boxing style which is the most difficult to master. He is the only one of the trio who was able to learn self-discipline and is a master in the art of balancing life. Jesus diligently follows Chu’s teachings.

Other characters include Master Chiu, officer Garcia. The trio also has many enemies like El Balde, Alejandra, and Master Lo.

When Can We Expect The Release


Season one was released in 2019. The show makers have yet not decided the final date of release for season two. The pandemic has slowed the whole process. The creators have expressed that season two would have a stronger storyline and new characters.

Summing It Up

The ancient ritual along with the action-packed scenes have got the audience glued to the screen. The viewers of the show are eagerly waiting for season two. Season one was a hit.