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The country South Korea is known for having good looking inhabitants. There mostly look alike in the country and people are taking the leap of faith to try to be different in appearance from every other individual.

There is a well known group in South Korea known as the 2NE1 that are into music and in recent years, one of the group member popularly called Sandara Park has been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. The rumors have it that she had undergone double eye surgery and a possible nose job as well.


sandara park plastic surgery

One of the initial plastic surgery procedures that have been levied at her is the double eye surgery. There is a growing believe that the double eye surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedure in South Korea.

Such believes are true owing to the fact that an average Korean have a closed eye in appearance and need the eye surgery to help elevate the look in the eye and leave it round. Taking a closer look at her older and current photographs, it is clearly seen that indeed there have been positive alterations in her eye appearance.

Another plastic surgery procedure that can be clearly visible is the nose job that she had. There are indeed changes in the way that she had look while still in her teenage age and the way she has appeared now.

Taking a closer look at her before nose, it appears a little out of shape in the sense that it didn’t look slim and pointed but rather it looked big and unfitted for her appearance. In recent time, the nose has seemed very fitted and perfect for the way in which Sandara has looked.

sandara park nose job

The singer as not said a word about the rumors and fact in her photographs surrounding her looks. It is not hard to digest that majority of celebrities hide under the beauty of plastic surgery and still decides to keep it safe as if they haven’t joined in the list of plastic surgery as well. Sandara Park is one celebrity that has gotten used to some tricks on the red carpet and in her thirties she still has a very dazzling look.

Some changes made to her face however look to be permanent and that is why the internet suggests that Sandara Park must have visited a plastic surgeon for cosmetic changes. Considering the state of her changes, critics believe that her looks are not natural and Sandara Park is yet to come out and respond to any of the Sandara Park plastic surgery rumors leveled against her.

The results of the Sandara Park plastic surgery rumors has left the internet divided into two groups as there are people who admire and appreciate the surgical procedures while there are others who do not appreciate plastic surgery procedures.

Well, let’s be honest here, celebrities like Sandara Park who have been under the knife and still managed to look a bit natural deserves some accolades. Sandara Park plastic surgery results are quite great and her looks were greatly improved.