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Winner of the Dancing With The Stars, 20th Season, Rumer Willis is also an American actress and singer. Recently, the Rumer Willis plastic surgery rumors have been making the headlines as the actress and singer is being alleged of having gone under the knife to make some enhancements to her body.

However, Rumer Willis flatly denied all of the plastic surgery rumors that is being linked with her but she also made it clear that going under the knife is something she looks forward to doing in the nearest future. This piece of information in this review would tell you more about her plastic surgery rumors.

We all knew Rumer Willis when she started off as a child and taking a look at her today, we can boldly say that a lot of transformation and changes have taken place not just on her face but also on her body as well.

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The internet is talking about the Rumer Willis plastic surgery procedures and these procedures being talked about include lip fillers, jaw surgery and also making some modifications to make her body look more beautiful. Even going through her old and new pictures prove these allegations might be true.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery


The thirty-year-old actress in her old and new pictures shows some noticeable changes as her lips and jaws seem altered. However, it ended up making her look good which suggests a successful plastic surgery move.

Looking at her face closely, one might suddenly feel Rumer Willis looks a bit strange and this isn’t an awkward feeling as her jawline which looked all normal before has been altered as it doesn’t look natural anymore but looks more like plastic. Her face had a wide line that didn’t make her attractive.

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But tweaking her jawline using plastic surgery has ended up making her look quite beautiful which also points us in the direction of a good job done by a professional plastic surgeon. Rumer Willis who is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis is also rumored to have gotten lip fillers and lip filler injections is one procedure that is quite common among most female celebrities as it ends up making their lips look more juicy and soft and large.


There is truth in this allegation as her lips didn’t look this juicy in the past and these changes can be spotted when comparing her old and new pictures.

The use of lip filler injections is just to enable the lips look bouncy and juicy. Not just that but it also has a way of making the lips look appealing and even though Rumer has denied using lip filler injections, her pictures tends to tell us something else entirely.

She is also being alleged to have gotten a breast job and when addressing the rumor, Rumer Willis clearly stated that the rumor was false and if she ever felt the need to enlarge her boobs or work on any other part of her body then she would not have to tell a lie about it.