It would seem that what dangers await us at home, away from crowded places? After all, there are no harmful infections in your apartment. But it’s not that simple, doctors say. If you don’t keep your house in order, you can catch several unpleasant diseases at once.

Experts from institutes and research centers have conducted hundreds of studies, but they could not come to a consensus – is dry and wet dusting good for health or still harmful. Some experts claim that while restoring the order one has to poison oneself with toxic chemicals and to inhale kilograms of dust and products of dust mites’ vital functions. Opponents are silent about the side effects, but emphasize the results – a favorable microclimate, reducing the number of household allergens and a healthy psychological atmosphere in the family.

Why Is Thorough Cleaning Important?


The main danger in any apartment is germs. Among them there are useful ones that help us maintain a stable state of the body. But there are also “pests” ready to destroy your health at any moment. The most common microbes, according to infectious disease specialists, are:

Escherichia coli – causes intestinal disorders, skin diseases;

– Klebsiella pneumoniae – causes a range of infections from intestinal to lung infections;

– Salmonella – causes salmonellosis;

– Streptococcus – causes skin and internal infections;

– Staphylococcus aureus – causes a range of illnesses from skin diseases to sepsis (general blood poisoning).

Bronchial asthma, chronic ENT-organ diseases, acute intestinal and rotavirus infections, hepatitis A – the list of “domestic” diseases is impressive and frightening. Stand alone are allergic people, for whom the dust in the house causes a sharp deterioration in health.

So how do all these unpleasant microbes get into your home? There may be several reasons. First, it is the dirt and dust that you, your children and pets unwittingly bring into the house from the street. Secondly, the failure to follow the rules of hygiene. Do you not like to wash vegetables for a long time? Still don’t take out the garbage? Too lazy to do the cleaning every week? Then your home is at risk, because germs begin to multiply and travel freely everywhere, getting on your clothes, dishes and food.

By the way, we want to remind you that families with children periodically need to call a professional cleaning service like Beavermaids. After all, even the best housewife cannot clean the house as well as professional cleaners. We recommend calling a cleaning company for general cleaning once in 2-3 months, and we advise to turn to professionals –

Safe detergents, fast cleaning and low prices.

The Microclimate Improves After Cleaning

After wet dusting, the air in the apartment becomes cleaner and the humidity level rises to the recommended 40-60 percent.

These two positive “effects” are interdependent:

– when water evaporates from wiped surfaces, the indoor air is humidified;

– water vapor particles impregnate light dust particles 0.01 to 0.1 micron in size, which are suspended in the air and enter the lungs with each breath;

– moistened flying contaminants become heavier and settle on surfaces where they become “easy prey” for the rag.

Allergens Are Reduced After Cleaning

Dust is not just dead skin particles. It contains a whole set of “harmful substances” – allergens (hair particles, pollen), toxins, heavy metals, intestinal pathogens, soot and many other components, 25% of which have not yet been identified by scientists.

The most dangerous to health are the products of saprophytic dust mites, which can cause severe allergies, insomnia and even asthma. Mites live wherever dust accumulates. The largest colonies live in textiles and any soft fillings (including artificial ones). Using a powerful microscope, dust mites can be found in carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows, blankets, curtains, and rugs.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

After proper treatment of furniture, carpets and textiles, the number of arthropods and their excrement will be reduced dozens of times. The bulk of the dust mites from furniture and floor surfaces will be removed with a good bagless vacuum cleaner with quality filters. A portion of the population will be removed by wet mopping. Bedding, curtains, pillows and blankets can be washed in the washing machine at high temperatures (60 to 95°C).

An ordinary household vacuum cleaner can only remove dust, dust mites, and their products from surfaces. But the dust and its inhabitants will still remain in furniture upholstery and at the base of the carpet pile. You need a powerful vacuum cleaner with a multi-stage filtration system for quality dust removal.

To protect yourself from dust, get rid of “heavy” fittings. Massive carpets, canopies, impressive curtains – all these are real dust collectors. Ideally, it is recommended to replace upholstered furniture with wooden or leather furniture. If this is not possible, buy special products that kill dust mites, microscopic pests that cause allergies.

Do not ignore such not very pleasant places for cleaning, as the rim of the toilet, garbage cans, sink drains and bathtubs. After all, these are the main bacteria breeding centers.

Pay attention to disinfecting your favorite gadgets. Laptop, smartphone, tablet – according to statistics, there are several times more germs on them than under the toilet rim.

Cleaning Can Replace a Visit to a Therapist


Cleaning can be treated not as a tedious household chore, but as an interesting and useful activity. Under this condition each “session” of dusting and cleaning up the mess will repeatedly increase the level of endorphins in your blood and quench the negative emotions. Change your attitude towards cleaning, and you won’t need a therapist.

Learn to “enjoy” the process, not just the result. Get satisfaction from your actions that help make the dirty clean, the dull bright, the chaotic orderly, the stale fresh. “Turn on” your logical thinking and do your dusting consciously, because mindless actions make the process boring, procrastinating and tedious. Treat cleaning like a fun math problem that you’ll enjoy solving. Treat dry and wet dusting as a meditative practice. The monotonous, measured activity will help you take your mind off negative thoughts, rethink your attitude toward problems, find the right solution, or just relax.