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Robert Downey Jr also known as Bob by his close friends, a New York-born actor and producer has earned throughout his career over $300 million. One can say that acting is in this 54-year-old actor’s blood since he is the son of a less famous Robert Downey Sr, writer, actor, and director. Robert Downey Jr played his first movie role at the age of five. Another proof of how artistic he was as a child is a fact that he had studied ballet at the age of 10. RDJ gained his popularity for his roles in movies such as “Less Than Zero”, “Chaplin”, “Soapdish”, the “Iron Man” franchise and “Tropic Thunder”. But what made him filthy rich is Marvel’s “The Avengers” franchise, making him almost as rich as a character he interprets, Tony “Iron Man” Stark.

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Downey can make a shocking and surprising $50 million cut off “The Avengers’” enormous box office receipts. But Marvel Studios aren’t the only big-screen blockbusters pinned to RDJ as he interpreted the role of Sherlock Holmes, and these films have also made him a significant box office draw. In the period between June 2016 and June 2017, Robert earned approximately $50 million, making him one of the most paid actors in the world. Between June 2017 and June 2018, he earned an astonishing $80 million. Between June 2018 and June 2019, he earned a bit less, “only” $65 million. His pay varied largely throughout the years as he earned just $500.000 off the first “Iron Man” movie and now he will earn at least $40 million and as much as $75 million off “Avengers: Endgame”. RDJ’s total earning from Marvel are humongous.

For a lead role in the 2008 movie “Iron Man” RDJ made “only” $500.000. In the sequel he made significantly more money, astonishing $10 million, but large sums of money were yet to come as he earned $75 million for Iron Man 3. For the first “Avengers” movie he grossed up another $50 million. The sequel “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has made him another $40 million. He then played in “Captain America: Civil War” (2016) and “Spider-Man Homecoming” (2017) which combined paid him another $55 million.

Yet another sequel in the “Avengers” franchise “Avengers: Infinity War” made him richer for around $40 million. And for the last movie, “Avengers: The End Game” which is yet to be released he is supposed to earn a minimum of $40 million but could make as much as $75 million. Besides Marvel movies, which made him most of his fortune, some of his biggest and most payed roles include the one in the movie “Due Date” made in 2010 where he earned $12 million, and another $15 million for 2011’s “Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows” But his private life hasn’t been as ideal as one would think. One of his first big loves was Sarah Jessica Parker, whom he met on the set of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. They were together for seven years, from 1984 to 1991 before they broke up because of his severe alcohol and substances abuse.

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The famous actor said that she had “tried to help him” and that she was so miffed when he didn’t get his act together. Robert used illegal substances the first time with his father when he was a child and since then he fell into the loop of addiction. He had spent four months in jail in 1997 and another year in 1999 for charges for illegal substances possession. Another interesting story from his private life is that he married his first wife, singer Deborah Falconer after dating for just 42 days, who gave birth to his first son Indio (21). In 2003 he met his now-wife Susan on the Montreal set of the movie “Gothika” and the couple instantly fell in love. He claims that she is the reason and the support that helps him maintain his sobriety. After a two-year engagement, they married in the Hamptons in August 2005. They now have two children – a son Exton and daughter Avri.

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Robert was nominated for the Academy Award twice. His first nomination was for the best actor in the movie “Chaplin” in 1993 and the second was for the best supporting actor in 2009 for his role in “Tropic Thunder”. Coincidentally, the iconic movie star bought the former home of Charlie Chaplin a few years before getting the role of the legendary silent film actor. For his performance of Charlie Chaplin, he received the royal stamp of approval directly from Queen Elizabeth. The premiere was held in London in Leicester Square. About his role of Iron Man, he told Esquire in an interview that he thinks that him doing Iron Man was “destiny” and what it meant to happen. The “Iron Man” franchise has already earned more than $2 billion worldwide.

During one of his Reddit chats, RDJ said that he would be up for a guest appearance on Marvel’s well-known TV series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” A little less known fact about his life is that he is also a musician and that in 2004 he released a jazz album called “The Futurist”. RDJ spends his fortune on expensive properties and collecting cars.

Robert Downey Jr Assets

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He owns a large collection which includes a Corvette, Bentley, Volvo, a Mustang, some Audis, a Porsche, a Mercedes and more! He owns many properties in the Los Angeles region. In 2012 he bought a $4 million worth home in Santa Monica. In 2009 he spent roughly $13.44 million to purchase a seven-acre estate in Malibu. He owns another luxurious house in Malibu that he has bought in 2017 for $4 million. He has also acquired some residential and commercial properties in Venice, California, a 2.5$ million home in the Pacific Palisades and a home in Manhattan beach. In total, Robert’s properties are probably worth around $40-50 million alone.


Robert Downey is most certainly one of the most famous and richest actors of all time. One the other hand, he also likes starring in some unconventional films, like, for instance, “Natural Born Killers”. Sure, this was a long time ago, but we’d expect to see Downey in movies like these anytime soon.


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