All of our homes will benefit with the use of a humidifier. As the name suggests, a humidifier helps add humidity and moisture in the air of the home. There are different levels of humidity required depending on the weather conditions and personal choice. The humidity in the air can range from 30 to 50% indoors.

Not taking care of the air’s moisture can lead to symptoms like bleeding lips, itchy skin, and burning cuticles. The right home humidity matters a lot for health purposes and adequate comfort when you are relaxing. In this article we will list multiple reasons why you should invest in a humidifier and maintain the humidity of your home at a certain level.

Better Breathing and Good Health


Let us jump right into the physical benefits that you will notice in your health after choosing a humidifier. If you have any blocked nasal passages it may be because of the weather. The right humidity will irritate the nose and throat and also give relief to your eyes. For people who often suffer from dry eyes, this can help in maintaining the lubricating layer on the eyeballs.

It can also help in increasing the comfort of anyone who comes into your home and will allow for easy adjustment to a new atmosphere. In case anyone in your home is sick the right humidity will relieve the symptoms and help them breathe with an upper respiratory tract infection. It is also beneficial for individuals with sinus infections and asthma.

People who suffer from these chronic conditions already have a difficult time when they move outdoors. It will be worthwhile investing in a humidifier because home should be a place where you can rest comfortably no matter your health condition.

But a humidifier will only be effective if it is maintained properly through regular cleaning. Because the machine is primarily dealing with water and moisture can easily cultivate bacteria. Going to relieve problems is alright but making sure that no other problems occur is also important.

It is Good For Your Pets

People with pets: We have good news for you. They need all of your health and are completely dependent on you for their comfort and health. You are free, friends need humidity as much as you do. The best thing about it is that the humidity level required by humans and pets to survive is roughly the same so it will not lead to uncomfortability.

Pets cannot speak and tell you they are problems so it is better to take care of them. Low humidity can lead to dry skin in pets like it doesn’t humans and create itchiness. This is a symptom usually witnessed when the weather changes drastically. That will have no option but to scratch their skin and it can lead to scratches and even bleeding if the itchiness gets too much to handle.

Your Plants Will Thrive


Plants are created in such a manner that they are very comfortable with the change in the atmosphere and can survive anything. Wild plants, shrubs, and trees are inherently more durable and do not require your help when the seasons change. But your house plans are completely dependent on you and need your help when the seasons change.

The indoor temperature always remains somewhat different from the outside which is why the house plants have a different level of tolerance to the temperature conditions. Maintaining a certain level of moisture is important but it also needs to be compatible with the humidity that plants produce.

In the process of transpiration, you will notice that there is some humidity coming off from indoor plants. Installing a humidifier in the house makes sure to give your plants some room to adapt to the change. The right home humidity also matters so that the plant can survive without overwatering the plant. It can also lead the roots to rot and attract potential disease.

For Your Skin and Hair

Your dermatologist may thank you if you invest in a good humidifier and moisture related products for your home. A very obvious symptom that skin shows with low moisture is dryness. People with oily skin will not feel that much oil on their skin when there is less moisture in the air.

The skin of your cuticles can be cracked with weaker nails and possible inflammation and itchiness. If you have the habit of bleeding with hot water it will just make matters worse. The hair also operates on the same principle and will appear very bristly and dry.

It is important for the moisture to remain in the atmosphere so that the skin feels comfortable and does not lose the natural oil produced. Specifications will help you choose one which is good for your hair and skin. To learn more about humidifier products for your home, contact the experts at Molloys Pharmacy!

Protects Your Belongings


While too much moisture in the air can harm the furniture and belongings around the house, the right level of humidity can act as a protector. Furniture that has leather and wood is at risk of significant damage with low humidity levels. The very obvious sign is when the furniture starts greeting due to gaps in between the wooden planks.

Similarly, leather can shrink because of an imbalance in the moisture of the air. The wood can lose its shape if it’s not in a good condition. If it is in your hands, try to make the place with valuable furniture separate and maintain a humidity of about 45 to 50%. The leather and wood should also be maintained and cleaned regularly.

The Takeaway

There is much to learn through proper maintenance of the humidity levels in your home. A good machine will help in maintaining adequate moisture in the air for the good health of your family members and pets. Investing in a humidifier can change the way your body responds to any change in atmospheric conditions.