Reno Russo Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Reno Russo plastic surgery claims are completely out of the blue. There is no substantial evidence to the support the speculations. But what if she really did have plastic surgery? Let’s find out through the before and after photos of Reno Russo. There was a sudden rush of rumors coming when Reno aged 60.

Many believe that Reno had not aged since 40. She is looking the same and the reason maybe her good genes or simply the expert plastic surgery. The question is why Reno looks so rocking in her 60s. Many women in 60s get wrinkles on their face and start turning unattractive. But there is something creepy about Reno that keeps the people engaged about seeing her and creating a lot of rumors about her beauty.

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reno russo plastic surgery

Reno Russo is an American model and Actress who had a successful career in the early days. She was popular in the action, thriller, and other genre movies. Her acting and modeling skills are great. You won’t be surprised to see her playing the role of Mom in future movies.

The plastic surgery speculations believe that Reno Russo had Chin implants and Liposuction during her40s. Also, she is continually using Botox to keep the skin fresh. We can verify all this by looking at the before and after photos of Reno Russo. The below before and after photo clearly show signs of cheeks implants. Her cheeks are now slimmer and refined. Earlier she had a rounded chin that now has become edged and natural.

Use of collagen or Restylene injection is also visible in the face of Reno Russo. The aging skin should sunk and create wrinkles. But Reno is still living with a healthy skin that is impossible to have without undergoing plastic surgery. Good genes actually fade as a person gets older but Reno Russo’s face beauty has nothing to do with genes but has everything to do with plastic surgery.

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