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Coffee is not just a beverage that we consume every day at least once. It has a long history and different countries are trying to prove that coffee is their invention. The meaning of the coffee is huge; some people like to say that coffee is a way of life.

But, is drinking coffee healthy?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors. First of all, it is important which coffee you like to drink. All of them will probably wake you up. Yet, besides that, it doesn’t mean that each type of coffee will equally bring benefits to your life. That’s why we suggest you find a reliable coffee supplier and use the true benefits of this amazing beverage. We suggest you check one of my friend’s coffee’s amazing articles and get more info. Despite that, it also depends on how many times you drink it during the day. The coffee itself definitely can improve your life. Yet, it mustn’t be a “replacement” for water. More precisely, you mustn’t drink it a lot.

Let’s see together the pros and cons of drinking coffee.

Pros of Drinking Coffee

We will start with the positive side of this beverage. Keep in mind that more quality coffees will have a stronger influence on your body.


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We do not want to say that only coffee can help you lose a couple of kilograms. It is great if you take care of your meals or if you exercise. Still, we know that many people suffer from being overweight. The dose of self-discipline is necessary for both things that we mentioned. However, until you discipline yourself, you can use alternatives, and coffee is one of them.

Maybe you didn’t know, but coffee contains potassium and magnesium. These two things help your body use insulin. It also regulates blood sugar level which reduces your need for snacks and sugary tastes.

Improves Physical Performance

Okay, let’s say that you didn’t have time to sleep well. However, you work in the morning shift and you need to get prepared for hard work. People that experienced this know how tough it is to stay effective during the entire day. Well, coffee can be your best friend in this case.

Believe it or not, according to Vivarin Gum, coffee can improve your effectiveness by around 10%. It increases the dose of adrenaline in your blood which allows you to stay awake and productive. We suggest you grab a cup of coffee an hour before you go to work. Despite that, it is also a great choice for people that are going to the gym. The experienced athletes normally drink a cup of coffee half an hour before the training. It is a much better choice than using some chemicals that are mostly full of side effects.


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This is not our opinion. The scientists have researched the influence of coffee on diabetes. We suggest this article to find out more about this subject. Anyway, the point is, drinking between 4 and 6 cups of coffee per day will reduce the chances of diabetes improvement for around 35%. Obviously, 6 cups of coffee per day sounds a lot. But, it is important to know that decaffeinated coffee has the same effect as well. It is good when you have more than one option.

P.S. This especially counts when we talk about Diabetes Type 2 

Improves Mood

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Who would say that coffee can have an impact on our mental power? Let’s say that you are feeling bad for some reason. Some bad things have happened and you feel a bit depressed. Logically, coffee is not magical and if the depression is tough, you should visit a psychiatrist. Still, if you need something that will push you immediately, then coffee is the right choice.

This beverage can stimulate the central nervous system and boost the neurotransmitter production which includes dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin. These three things elevate your mood. For something like this, two cups of coffee would be enough. We suggest you drink one after breakfast and one in the afternoon.

Cons of Drinking Coffee

Once again we need to say one thing. Bad coffee will not bring any of the benefits that we previously mentioned. That’s why it is necessary to find the right place to buy it. Bad coffee can have a huge negative impact on you and that’s why we kindly ask you to be careful. Here are the cons that you should know.

Lack of Sleep

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Okay, we will start with one con that is well-known among coffee consumers. Keep in mind that the effect of one cup of coffee is around 6 hours. However, this piece of data also varies because different coffees have different influences. Anyway, if you want to drink more than 1 cup of coffee during the day, do not do that after 6 PM. The influence will reduce until midnight and that’s a normal time to go to sleep.

Despite that, if you want to see the true beauty of coffee influence, then don’t drink it immediately after you get up. This is the most common mistake that people are making. When you get up, the hormones naturally release. However, if you drink coffee immediately after getting up, you will stop their function. That’s why it is necessary to drink a cup of coffee at least 1 hour after you get up.

Don’t Drink Coffee during Pregnancy

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Well, this is a bit controversial subject in all parts of the world, and that is the reason why we need to mention it. Our female writers should know that consuming caffeine during pregnancy will also reach the fetus. Because of that, your baby will be highly sensitive to caffeine. We do not want to say that you need to completely avoid this beverage. Yet, drinking one cup of coffee per day or in two days would be enough.


Some coffee types can cause the body to lose calcium. For example, huge fans of coffee put themselves at risk of conditions such as osteoporosis. In that case, our bones become more fragile and less dense.

So, once again, be careful where you buy coffee and which type of coffee you consume. That’s the only way to use the health benefits of this beverage.