The popularity of the social platform Instagram knows no bounds. It seems that every second Internet user has at least once tried to start a blog on the resource and monetize it. However, not everyone succeeds. Behind the beautiful life of bloggers is a long and hard work, a series of correct actions that helped them achieve media fame. The secret of success is the right approach to promotion. Yes, the quality of the content plays an important role, but why do you need  posts if no one sees them?

The competition on the platform is huge, and in order to survive in the race for fame and success, you just need those account promotion methods that we will tell you about in the article. If you can put them into practice and be decisive in your actions, there is a high probability that in a few weeks or months you will achieve the desired result and become a real blogger. Let’s talk about proven promotion ways in detail :

First of all, every beginner faces the problem of lack of an audience. And this is not surprising, because when you log on to the platform, no one knows about you and they are unlikely to subscribe (unless you are a celebrity). Such pages look empty and damp – they do not inspire confidence among visitors, even if you have managed to post a couple of fascinating publications. The fact is that users prefer those accounts where there are already a certain number of fans. They determine that you can be trusted, because thousands of people are watching you. But the process of forming a subscriber base can take a lot of time and effort from you, and there will simply be no resources left to create content.

  1. Can you speed up and simplify this process? Of course, paid services will help you with this – this is one of the first ways of promotion that you should know about. Companies such as Viplikes offer clients dozens of different services, including the opportunity to get the desired number of followers instantly. This is convenient – you save your time and delegate the task to specialists, the page will gradually grow and increase in the rating. In addition, after buying accounts of real users, you will notice an impressive increase in statistics, and this will have a beneficial effect on further promotion.

2. Entrepreneurs and representatives of various brands are convinced that targeted advertising is a useful marketing tool, using which you can qualitatively demonstrate your products or services and attract new customers. This is true, but ads will give an excellent result, even if you are a thematic or expert blogger who does not plan to sell anything online. The advantages of targeted advertising are that your ads will be seen only by the users that you selected when setting up advertising. In short, you pay for potential subscribers to pay attention to you and visit the page.

At the same time, you do not need to have special knowledge or skills, in order for advertising to work correctly, it is enough to know who your audience is. It’s great if you know how old they are (approximately), what they are interested in and where they live. At the initial stage, this will be enough, a little later, when you have additional information, use it when setting up the next promotion.

3. Your potential followers are not just the people who spend time on Instagram. According to statistics, most Internet users have pages on at least several social resources at once. This means that you, as an author, can find new subscribers outside of the same network and bring them here. To do this, you need to select some of the most successful posts and post them on other sites. For example, text publications can be placed on Twitter or Facebook, TikTok and YouTube Shorts are suitable for Reels.


It’s great if you already have some audience on these sites – in this case, you can be sure that readers (or viewers) will show interest in your endeavors. Don’t forget to write a link to the original source and ask users to rate the content – this way you will increase the chance that as many people as possible will visit the account.

4. The platform has changed its approach to content, and in 2024, videos are at the peak of popularity. Now it’s not just an application for sharing photos with friends and long text messages – here you can post various videos and share your life in a format such as stories and videos. Such multimedia features allow bloggers to diversify their content on the page. Users are tired of monotonous publications, and if you want subscribers to stay with you for a long time, do not neglect the new formats of information transmission.

Shoot funny and useful Reels, tell about your everyday life in Stories and publish inspiring IGTV. This is what your readers need right now.

5. Acting alone is much more difficult than cooperating with other interested people. Instagram is a website where you can create various joint content, stream with various bloggers and share your audience with each other. Mutual PR is an opportunity to express yourself in the thematic community and find new supporters. Trust us on this, you are not the only blogger who has recently started his online career and is striving to expand his fanbase.


Analyze the pages of newcomers and choose from them those who are not your direct competitor and have good statistical indicators. Pay special attention to the activity, if the publications receive a lot of likes and comments, then you can try to create joint content with this author. Write to him and offer cooperation, but keep in mind that it should be mutually beneficial for both of you (that is, you should also have at least 1000 subscribers and good engagement). Using all these methods together or separately, you will be able to achieve amazing results and make yourself known to the entire online world.Good luck!