Older people face a series of unique problems as they advance into their senior years. Chiefly among them is staying engaged with a world that they no longer have as large an impact on. Yet, it is widely accepted that seniors who do not find some sort of meaning in the world tend to have worse health outcomes. Take a look at how to prolong one’s interest in life and see what you can do for yourself or older loved ones that are facing this personal crisis.

Simple Tips to Help Seniors Make Friendships


People need connection in order to thrive. Humans are very social creatures when you get down to it. That means people need to make and spend time with friends that will positively impact their daily lives. Several methods exist to help in this process, including:

  • Become familiar with the internet and use it to meet friends

We will go into greater detail on how to do this in the following two sections.

  • Get involved with your community leadership

Many communities lose their identities over time. Seniors have the time to make a difference and the wisdom to help their local towns and portions of cities flourish. Do some research on what it would take to get started at a community center or to get a seat on the local city council so you can be more directly involved with your area.

  • Find a hobby and meet likeminded people

Seniors have all sorts of hobbies available to them today. You could form a walking group, get involved with birdwatching, create art, or even play video games from home. All sorts of low-impact, engaging activities exist that older people may use to make friends.

  • Take short classes with one another

It’s never too late to learn new things in life, and seniors have the time to take more classes. Try to get to know your classmates a bit by spending time with them after you’re done learning about cooking, painting, computers, or anything else you have wanted to try but never had the time.

These are all wonderful ways that senior people can find meaningful connections in their everyday lives. Now that we have established this, it’s time to look at how to forge friendships and more with the internet.

Find Friends Through Dating Services


When most people think about dating services, they imagine that they are spending time finding a romantic partner. However, the same tools that allow you to meet someone you can date or marry will give you a strong means to find friends. All you need is to sign up for a dating service with a strong search function. Users on Cupid have been able to seek out people in specific areas, from a variety of age groups, and with many different interests in life such as traveling, cooking, and watching films. As you can see, the ability to find friends is not all that different than finding a lover. You will want to seek out people that have a lot of things in common with you, after all. Those outcomes are precise what online dating services offer. With a little bit of finesse, you can easily find yourself talking to a new best friend that lives in the same city as you. It might not be the most expected way of finding a friend by using the internet, but it’s original and effective. Imagine that you want to meet friends that enjoy going on gambling trips to Las Vegas or some similar place. Simply search profiles for people that enjoy “traveling” and “gambling” and list “Las Vegas” as a potential area where they spend time. You could get thousands of results. Then, it is just a simple matter of introducing yourself and seeing if you mesh well enough.

How to Make Friends Online


If you are not ready to utilize a dating site to find platonic friends or new besties, you should know that you have many other options available to you. For example, many websites are dedicated to specific interests and contain forums where you can speak to other people that share your love of a topic. For example, you can check out websites that are about fishing and then go to the forums section. There, you can spend hours chatting with people and talking about trips that you’re planning. Once you spend enough time on the site, you will find the “regulars” and could see about going fishing together with each other. Some websites are better than others for this endeavor. For example, people that are looking for friends according to their interests could always go to a larger site like Reddit and then find “subreddits” that concern their personal interests. Going back to the fishing example, one could go to the R/Fishing subreddit to make friends and then meet up for a trip. Other options exist as well. You could find sites that randomly pair you with people to talk to, go to sites that are designed to help you find friends, or go places where seniors are more likely to congregate. Any of these ideas can give you the results that you need to find friends. The internet is a vast place, though. You might find people in unique sites that have not been mentioned on this site. It may take time, too. The internet is fast, but making relationships, even friendships can be a slow process.

Seniors living their golden years today have a lot of benefits in terms of available technology. Communicating with friends and family is simpler and finding friends is easy, too. You just have to take the right approaches to meet new people, and you will have new opportunities to expand your circle of friends. Seniors should find new friends so they can stay interested in life so they can have rich and purposeful years while not having as many demands on their time.