Laugh lines are no laughing matter. Your face, with all its wrinkles and age spots, is undoubtfully going to leave that first impression on people. Subconsciously we determine a person’s age by looking at a depth of the wrinkles on their face, especially those around their mouths, called nasolabial creases. A few unlucky ones that lost on the genetic lottery are faced with them early in life, usually from their teenage years.

The vast majority, however, see their first signs later, in their forties and fifties, watching them progress from fine lines to deep creases. Many different treatments are available for reducing or completely removing deep wrinkles, from fillers, Botox, and in extreme cases – surgery. To determine the best treatment for you, based on your skin condition and age, visit Sea Mist medspa to consult with the professionals. Before we go into details of every treatment, let’s see how wrinkles are formed and if there is any way to prevent them.

What are laugh lines?


Laugh lines or smile lines are wrinkles that are visible when we smile or when we move our facial muscles. They stretch from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth, or even further to the chin, and form from the corners of the eyes spreading towards the hairline. In young people when they smile, their smile wrinkles bounce right back when they stop, while in a bit older population, they stay deeply rooted in pores creating creases. These vertical lines can make a person look much older than they actually are.

Can we prevent laugh lines?

Have you ever noticed how some celebrities, especially the ones who profit from the look of their face selling creams and makeup, avoid smiling? Yes, it’s exactly what you think. To prevent deep lines around mouths and eyes the best thing would be not to smile at all. Pretty sad, right?

There are better, more cheerful, and effective ways to prevent or reduce wrinkles. Let’s tackle each one.



Smoking causes a vast variety of health problems including wrinkles. Nicotine breaks down collagen in your body, drying out your skin causing deep lines to form. Just being exposed to the smoke of cigarettes can cause health issues and premature aging, then you can imagine how it wreaks havoc in your body when you’re the actual smoker. If you’re a long-time smoker seek the help of the health professionals to help you gradually reduce smoking. Many products on the market can help diminish the cravings, like patches and nicotine gums. Tell your friends and family that you’re trying to quit, so that they can help you avoid the temptation.



Ideally, you should avoid going out in the sun, especially when the UV index is high. If you still want or need to go outside wearing sunscreen is a must. Sun rays can penetrate deep into skin layers leaving permanent damage like age spots and deep wrinkles. Sun cream should be at least 30SPF and, if possible, with an active blocking agent like zinc oxide.

Sunshades can help protect the skin around your eyes. Further, wearing wide-rim hats is highly recommended, since they guard your whole face against ultraviolet rays. Protect yourself every time you go out, not just at the pool or at the beach. In case you’re going to get wet, apply sunscreen again once you dry off. Also, if you’re going to spend longer periods outside, sweat can wash sunscreen off of your face, so make sure that you apply the cream every couple of hours.



The use of a facial moisturizer should start early, in younger age. If you applied hydrating cream to your face religiously, in the morning and the evening, chances are that your lines are not going to be so visible in later years. This simple routine can immensely help you postpone visible signs of aging. It would be even better if your daily cream comes with the sunscreen, less work for you.

Also, when applying the cream use small round movements to rub it well, paying special attention to fine lines spreading from your nose across the cheeks, crow’s feet in the corner of the eyes, and laugh lines. Don’t stretch your skin up and down your face, but do it in small firm movements.



Many face wrinkles are formed during sleep. If you sleep on the side, you’re probably squishing your face against the pillow all night long. That’s why in the morning you look five years older even though you got great rest. If you can, try sleeping on your back to avoid touching the pillow with a face. In case this would be an unnatural position for you, or you’re just not comfortable sleeping like this, ensure that you have silk pillowcases.

Silk is super soft and it won’t irritate your skin during the night. Further, your hair can cause redness and rashes of your face, so try to keep it away with tying it with a scarf. Also, avoid putting your hands under your face while sleeping.



Our bodies are made primarily of water; hence we must hydrate it well. Lack of fluids can and will cause dryness of the skin, which can attribute to the creation of lines and wrinkles. Not only that it’s going to affect your looks but skin can also become flaky, itchy, and red. Drinking eight glasses of water daily will keep you hydrated and possibly prevent some new lines from showing up.

Healthy lifestyle


Eating sugary foods, that are high in carbs can cause many skin problems including deep wrinkles. Instead, always go for lean meats and vegetables to prevent forming any new lines. Regular exercise is recommended to keep your health in good shape in general, but it can also help relieve you of the wrinkles caused by stressful daily life.

As you can see, there are many different ways to fight wrinkles. By implementing these bits of advice into your daily routine you’ll not only look better but be healthier and in content with yourself.