When it comes to motorcycle trips, a good preparation is the best guarantee for a successful tour. It includes planning the route, the gear, and any other helpful items. If you plan on taking a long-distance motor trip, here are some things you should keep in mind when you prepare for the ride.

The Right Routes

A lot of the further preparation is dependent on the route you choose and the dates of the trip. This is important because it gives you information about the state of the roads you will be using and the probable weather you will be experiencing. Needless to say, if you are a beginner, starting out with a shorter trip is always a good decision. You will work your way up to long rides in no time.

Check Your Gear & Clothing


Based on the route and the time of year in which you will be taking the trip, you can buy or select the appropriate motorcycle gear. Any kind of protective clothing and other equipment you will need can be found in professional motorcycle online shops like

There are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Long Distance: You will be on the bike for a long time. This makes the comfort during long riding sessions especially important. It can pay off to pay special attention to clothes, especially pants, with extra padding. A good motorcycle boot will help you stabilize your feet and keep them in a healthy position, even during long rides.
  • Protection: Don’t sacrifice too much of the protection for your comfort. You will need to find the best balance between gear you will be able to wear comfortably for long durations and gear that will still keep you safe in case of a crash.

This is especially critical because the longer you ride, and the more you ride on high-speed roads, the more likely your concentration suffers, the tendency for reckless driving increases, and crashes happen more often. The faster you ride, the more impactful the crash and injuries will be.

Think about buying airbag motorcycle jackets or vests. They will inflate in case of an accident and protect you. There are different kinds of airbag gear. Some work with sensors on your bike to detect a crash within milliseconds. Others have a trigger cord attached to the bike. When you fall off the motorcycle, the cord snaps and the airbag inflates.

  • Summer or Winter Gear: Not every piece of gear is suitable for every weather condition. Some gear is made for the specific weather influences during different seasons. Summer gear will be lighter and allow your body to breathe more. Winter gear is thicker and has more insulation.

Some gear for especially cold regions even has electrical heating elements. Similarly, you can buy cooling systems for your helmet. They get attached to your chin guard and help cold air enter, and warm air leave your helmet more efficiently.

  • Rain Gear: Generally, you should avoid riding in the rain, especially when it’s heavy enough to soak you. However, if you cannot afford to stop, you should invest in proper rain gear. Most motorcycle gear is water-resistant to a certain degree. You can help your jacket and co. stay dry longer with proofing spray or wax.

A simple solution is buying a waterproof overall. You can easily store the light fabric on your bike and put it over your regular gear if the need arises. Make sure the rain gear fits well enough. It should fit snug, so the wind will not pull on or enter it.

You can also invest in additional windshields for your bike. They keep the rain and wind from hitting you and will help you ride comfortable for longer.

  • Gadgets: There are many tools that make riding easier. For example, a set of motorcycle earplugs is designed to reduce the strain from being exposed to loud noises but still let warning signals like car horns through. Other options are Bluetooth headphones, charging stations for smartphones, and navigation systems.

Check Your Bike

Before any trip, you should do a basic check-up on your bike. Clean it and replace any parts that aren’t in the best condition. Visit a workshop if necessary. You should also pack a set of tools, so you can perform smaller fixes on the road.

Pack Your Luggage


The kind of luggage you will need is also dependent on the season in which you travel. Typically, it is easier to travel light in the summer, where your clothing is thinner and easily stored. Next to saddlebags, a heavy-duty cargo net will help you secure your belongings during rides. A reflective cover for backpacks makes you easier to see for other road users.

Naturally, you will need to pack any necessary clothing, toiletries, and provisions. Don’t forget important things like wallets and charging cables. Sunglasses, a first aid kit and sunscreen are also an indispensable addition to be prepared for any situation. Make sure to double-check if you really require any specific items, and consider leaving anything unnecessary at home to lighten the burden.

In the summer, you will need to pack a lot of water. Consider investing into a straw system that will let you drink during a ride.


A motorcycle trip should be well-prepared. The distance, road quality, and weather can be determined by picking out a suitable route and dates in accordance with your experience level. Afterwards, you can choose the right kind of motorcycle gear for the duration of the rides and the weather influences you will be experiencing. Motorcycle gadgets, like a navigation system and Bluetooth headphones, will help you during the rides.

Your luggage should be light but contain anything you would need to protect yourself, like sunscreen and a first aid kit. Heavy-duty netting will help you secure the items in your bags. Also, never start a ride without checking on the condition of your bike first. It might be a good decision to have it checked by a professional before especially long trips.

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