If you’re a Houston resident, you’re probably never eager to bring a lawsuit against anyone. Still, life sometimes throws you a curveball, and you end up somewhere you never expected. At that time, you may realize that some entity or individual is responsible for your predicament, and you might decide to sue them.

As you’re getting ready to bring a lawsuit against that person or entity, you’ll likely do your due diligence and scout around for the best law firms. During this process, you might use all sorts of criteria to locate the one that will serve you best.

You might look at prior case experience or what each firm charges. You could look at the resources they have at their disposal or how many lawsuits like yours they have handled in the past.

Regardless of how you wish to select a lawyer, you want to get one that beats the competition in many categories. Let’s get into a few details as to what you’d hope to see from your lawyer in the greater Houston area.

Overall Experience Amount


You might look at Attorney Brian White & Associates, PC, as an overall experience level example. You’ll notice if you visit their website that their attorneys have more than a combined 45 years working for Houston area accident victims.

If you’re about to bring a lawsuit against someone, there’s probably a lot of money on the line. You don’t want to trust some neophyte lawyer with the case.

Someone who just passed the bar last week is not going to be the person you want helping you. That’s the plot of a few John Grisham novels, but it’s not what you need in a real-world scenario.

You don’t just want to hire a more experienced law firm because of the money that’s at stake, though. If you’re bringing a suit for something like wrongful death, it’s probably critical for your mental state that you hold the responsible party accountable. You won’t be able to move on with your life until that happens.

The Firm Handles Many Different Cases


You also want a law firm that handles the particular lawsuit type that you need to bring. Look on their website and at their background to get some idea of this.

You want one that has helped individuals in all kinds of cases, including slip and falls, motorcycle or car accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death cases, Uber and Lyft accidents, and others.

If you ever do find yourself in one of these situations, you’ll need to hire a law firm that has been there before. They will know what steps to take to get you the largest possible settlement, and they’ll be ready to counter any tactics the defendant uses.

They’re Ready to Take the Case to Trial


If you’re hiring a lawyer to try and get money for you, you also want a firm that will not hesitate to fight in the courtroom and has prior experience doing so.

It’s true that some companies or individuals will offer you a settlement before the trial ever begins. The likeliest reason this can happen is that their counsel will inform them that you have an airtight case against them.

If you get a settlement offer, your lawyer might advise you to take it, or they might recommend that you turn it down and bring the case to trial. However, many times, the person or entity you are suing will not offer a settlement. Instead, they’ll take the case to trial to see if they can get the jury to decide in their favor.

You’ll need a law firm that has prior trial experience. They can be there for you if the person or entity you’re suing wants to settle, but they also have no fear about getting in the courtroom and fighting if necessary.

It takes a firm with grit to do that. Some law firms wilt if they actually have to defend you in court. That shouldn’t be a problem with the one you engage.

Personal Injury Trial Law Board Certification


You also will want a trial lawyer who has distinguished themselves in their peers’ eyes. For example, you might look for one that is Personal Injury Trial Law Board Certified. That is something that only 3% of Texas attorneys achieve, so that tells you something about the one you’re selected.

What that means is that they have a reputation for defending their clients vigorously in court. If the opposing counsel sees that you have retained this firm, they might advise their client to settle rather than fighting.

Hiring the right law firm often means you’ll win your lawsuit through reputation alone, saving you the trouble of a long, drawn-out court battle.

The Firm Works on a Contingency Basis


What is most critical for some potential clients is whether they can afford their lawyer’s fee. If you don’t have the money to hire the attorney or firm you want, it doesn’t much matter how good they are or what their reputation is.

The one you choose should accept clients on a contingency payment basis. That means you do not have to pay them unless they win money for you.

This puts the emphasis on winning squarely on them because if they don’t get the job done, you pay them nothing. You don’t have to get a second mortgage on your home or do anything else similarly drastic to pay an up-front fee like some lawyers charge. Either way, you can’t win them all. If you live in South Florida, here is the list of the leading personal injury lawyers in the area whom you may want to consult.

Ideally, you want a firm that Houston residents know about, and that takes a great deal of pride in helping their community. If the unexpected ever occurs, you need one that’s always available for a consultation.

Your chosen firm should help you sort through the details and determine whether you have a viable case or not. There’s no longer any reason to just accept what happened to you or a loved one if you know someone else was responsible.