Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


It is a fact that as smaller boobs are depressing, very bigger boobs are overwhelming. Unlike many other celebrities struggling with small boobs, Patti Stanger had a different problem. She had big boobs that were tough to manage in the celebrity world. So she had to resort to having breast reduction surgery to make her breasts of normal size.

Patti Stanger is a host of Millionaire Matchmaker reality show. At one night, she appeared with a different type of body and amazed the fans. This led to many rumors about her and she might have got more recognition from the fans after the surgery.

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patti stanger plastic surgery

The 51-year-old Patti Stanger had to get plastic surgery treatments to enhance the shape of her body. By now if you are thinking that Patti Stanger had only breast surgery then you are wrong. After being mesmerized with the results of the breast reduction surgery, she decided to make other changes.

Before and after photos of Patti Stanger show signs of Botox injections and eyelid surgery.  Dr. Stango Motykie claims that he had given plastic surgery treatments to Patti and it was only breast reduction surgery. However, we don’t believe these claims. The before and after photos of Patti Stanger say a completely different story.

Her droopy eyelid is fixed, the pale face has turned lively and young, and her nose has a smaller shape.  According to some of the plastic surgery experts, the cup size of Patti Stanger is reduced from 36DD to 34C.

Patti Stanger had been involved in many passionate relationships with various dates. In 2010, her long-term relationship ended and this made her think more about her body. She needed some more confidence to get back with other celebrities. One of the things that she focused on was losing weight.

She then decided to go through the plastic surgery treatments to enhance her appearance. Both the decisions had paid off. Patti Stanger now has a glass shaped body that many male celebrities would love to experience. We hope that she will have many dates in future.

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