Just six miles from downtown Orlando, Florida, Orlando International Airport (MCO) is situated on Jeff Fuqua Blvd. Orlando International Airport is Florida’s busiest airport and a significant international gateway for the state’s mid-Florida area. Over 50 million people passed through Orlando’s MCO airport in 2019, making it the 10th busiest airport in America.

Even though Orlando International Airport (MCO) has its official parking lots, finding affordable and stress-free parking at the airport may be difficult. It’s possible that parking spots won’t be close to the terminal or the lot will be filled when you arrive. Even in the economy parking lot, the cost of parking is rising and isn’t always worth it. This is why off-site parking has become more popular! Visit the website of Parkos and know about their services.

Parking Rates at Orlando International Airport


In the vicinity of Orlando International Airport MCO, there are many online booking services that work with various parking providers, such as Park Me Fly, Flex Airport Parking, McCoy Park & Fly, Gold Park Orlando, and the DoubleTree by Hilton Airport Orlando. There are a variety of economic parking alternatives available from the parking lot operators. With their service providers, you may pick from various parking alternatives, including valet parking, self-park or indoor (garage) parking, uncovered parking, or outdoor covered parking. You can choose the parking service provider at Orlando International Airport that best meets your needs, thanks to the variety of options available.

  • Location:

If you’re looking for a stress-free and cost-effective way to get to and from Orlando International Airport, you’ve come to the right place. The distance between the parking lots and the airport terminal would not exceed ten minutes.

  • Quality:

The off-site parking provides exceptional parking services. They provide baggage help, waiting areas, auto maintenance, and car cleaning to demonstrate that airport parking may be improved. The shuttles operate around the clock, so there is always a shuttle for you.

Parking at Orlando International Airport’s Long-Term Facility

Tips for MCO parking at Orlando International Airport:

  • Compare Parking Rates from Various Companies

Compare parking prices across the MCO Airport parking partners to locate the option suitable for you instead of opting for the MCO budget parking lot. MCO Airport parking rates are constantly compared to other airport parking businesses in order to present you with the most affordable parking options for your trip.

  • Safety

Short- and long-term parking at MCO is in gated areas to keep your automobile safe. A network of CCTV cameras monitors both short-term and long-term parking spaces.

What are MCO Airport’s Long-Term Parking Rates?


North Park Place, Terminal Garages, and South Park Place provide long-term parking at MCO Airport. In the Terminal Garages, parking is $17 per day. The starting daily rate at North Park Place and South Park Place is $10. There is also a long-term valet parking service offered at the airport. You’ll save money by parking at one of these lots. Parking fees are $3.99/day for covered off-site parking at Way, and a complimentary MCO airport shuttle is included.

What are MCO Airport’s Short-Term Parking Rates?

At the MCO Airport, visitors may find hourly and daily parking at South Park Place, Terminal Garage, as well as North Park Place. At North and South Park Place, the MCO parking prices are $4 for the first three hours, rising to $10 per day. The first 10 minutes of parking are free. It costs $2 for the first 40 minutes of parking at the Terminal Garage and is free for the first 20 minutes. A 20-minute extension costs $1 once the initial 40 minutes are up.

Rates & Availability of Onsite Orlando Airport Parking

All airport visitors may choose from various parking options, all of which are easy and reasonably priced. The daily parking fees at MCO range from $10 for Economy parking to $28.76 for Valet parking, depending on the parking option you choose. Short- and long-term parking rates at MCO are shown below.

  • Passengers may park for up to 60 days at Orlando Airport Valet Parking, which is offered for both short- and long-term parking. You may get to it from the curb of the departing plane. The hourly wage is $9.59, or $28.76 for a day’s work.
  • The A and B lobbies of the terminal are easily accessible from Terminal Top Parking. Free for the first 20 minutes. There is a daily charge of $19 for a stay of 21 to 30 minutes, and each extra 15 minutes costs $2.
  • In-Ground Parking A & B are also accessible for short- and long-term parking at Orlando International Airport and are within walking distance from a and B terminal sides. The first 20 minutes of the session are free. A stay of 21 to 30 minutes costs $2, and each subsequent 15 minutes costs $1, up to a daily cap of $19, the maximum fee per stay.
  • A brief journey on the APM (Automated People Mover) gets you into the majority of the parking spots in Parking Garage C. The first 20 minutes are at no cost. It costs $2 for a stay of 21-30 minutes and then $1 for every 15 minutes after that, up to a daily cap of $17.
  • Park Place North and Park Place South Economy Lots are walled, although other open lots close to the terminals need a short shuttle trip. Every ten minutes, free shuttles leave from Level 1 of the Main Terminal and may be boarded anytime or at night. A 10-minute trial period is provided. The fee for up to three hours is $5. Guests may remain for up to 90 days at $10 per day.