Park Min Young Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


The famous Park Min Young, a Korean celebrity has taken help of cosmetic surgery to boost her looks. The past appearance of Min Young was plain and common. To have a good career she had to take a decision to change some elements in her face. Everything about Park Min Young plastic surgery is perfect, but the problem is the lost of her identity. Her friends and relatives after the surgery might have had a tough time in recognizing her.

However, someone who is looking at her for the first time would not notice any signs of surgery on the face. She seems to be naturally born this way that is not true in fact. The main two changes noticeable on Park Min’s face are near eyes and nose. Again, the chubby face is reduced near the cheeks which give her a youthful appearance and new found beauty.

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park min young plastic surgery

Many Korean actresses are today influenced by what is going on in the Hollywood. Plastic surgery is one of the influences that is used by Korean celebrities to get their eyes lids surgery. Asians are often intrigued about wide eyes as their natural ones are narrow by birth. So the first resort of any celebrity from Korean, Chinese or Taiwanese movie industry would be to get eye lid surgery.

One reason behind this is to appear like the Western celebrities and other is their fans crave for looking at celebs with broad eyes. When Park Min was youthful, she had a round face with prominent jaw line. Her face is thin and oblong which is certainly a sign of plastic surgery. Min young also has a slim face from before that could be because of weight loss. Many would simply say it is because of Jaw reshaping but we deny it.

park min young facelift

At this young age she wouldn’t take any such treatments and ruin her looks.

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