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Just as Hollywood celebrities have undergoing the knife for plastic surgery, the same can be said for South Korea celebrities. In recent times Park Bom have been at the centre of a more discussed topic simply because her look has changed a lot. Korean celebrity popularly known as Park Bom is the lead vocalist of the much recognized feminine music group called 2NE1.

She was given birth to in the year1984 March 24th and started her musical career while she was still in college. It took a lot of perseverance for her to excel in her musical career given the fact that her guardians were not in support of her chosen career at that time. Nevertheless she has YG entertainment to thank for giving her the opportunity to excel in her musical career.

Her decision to undergo plastic surgery may have been influenced by the fact that the public regarding her as an unattractive individual in comparison to Lee Hyori whom she collaborated with during her early days, at least so do many people think. Ever since she made her first official appearance, she has gone on to appear a different person facially at all times and this has drawn concern from the public.

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park bom plastic surgery

As her appearance changes on a regular basis, the information about her involvement with plastic surgery broke out and it is well believed that she has undergone much plastic surgery in the past years. According to the information gathered, she underwent the knife for a nose job, breast implant, eye surgery, lip augmentation and also laser treatments.

Despite all the plastic surgery procedures that she underwent, it seems that she is still yet from perfection and the public have the opinion that has persistence to continue undergoing plastic surgery has left her looking plastic like and more inhuman.

Her addiction and love for plastic surgery has lead to conclusion that she will never resist plastic surgery no matter what happens in all her endeavors to get a better look. Starting off with her eye transformation and after looking at her before and after photos, it is quite easy to note that Park bom once had creases in her eyelids which is actually what the eyelids of a typical Korean would look like.

park bom facelift

Now, judging from her recent photos, she has a deep, parallel and thick set of eyelids which is actually not in line with what the Koreans would look like therefore making park bom’s appearance after her eyelid surgery to be quite painful and hurtful to Koreans. Having an eyelid surgery is also one of the many surgeries that Park Bom is being accused of as she continues her journey to having a perfect celebrity face.

Having a nose with a chunky look and also a high nose bridge was exactly what Park Bom’s nose looked liked before her Rhinoplasty operation. After her Rhinoplasty surgery, Park Bom was able to achieve a nose with a sharp and long look.

However, her first rhinoplasty move actually showed that not all plastic surgery moves would end up being successful but you need a skilled plastic surgeon who would be very careful and willing to pay attention to details.

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