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Nigella Lawson is getting plenty of attention because of the rumors surrounding her plastic surgery. She looks like a 40s women though her age is far beyond. Her skin is smooth without wrinkles and secret behind it is yet to be revealed. Even though after countless speculations, Nigella doesn’t admit that she had a plastic surgery to uplift her face.

She gives thumbs up to good eating habits and regular exercising. In many interviews, she has constantly denied the rumors of having plastic surgery and tells us that she finds the idea of plastic surgery not appealing. However, by looking at her pictures we definitely are confirmed that she has done some surgical changes on her face. The main facial change that remains in the spotlight is adhesive strips. These are used to treat people having puffy eyes. The wrinkle free face along with pretty eyes has increased her fan base.

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Nigella Lawson with a flirtatious persona caught the attention of television viewers by being a host in variety of cooking shows. She also has been a best-selling food book author and has worked in numerous culinary projects. She is now living her 50s and her face still looks good as before.


nigella lawson plastic surgery

The brand new look of Nigella Lawson mainly comes from her operation for red and puffy lips. With the changes, she has managed to remain younger and beautiful. Nigella Lawson being in the middle years finds herself in a situation of Halle Berry. Like Berry has denied all the rumors, Nigella Lawson also hasn’t yet made any public revealing about the surgery.

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When we look the photos of Lawson, in additional changes in lips we also notice the change in her scalp. She might have used plastic surgery to cover up the spots where she started to lose hair. This is one of the most concrete accusations that have come along from the fan-based rumors. Many wonder if she has got plastic surgery to beat the growing age.

Even though she is quite popular for hosting variety of cooking shows, she has also spent a large part of career staying behind the scenes as she has also taken the path of being a food critic, a book critic and also a freelance writer. She is also a best selling author and all of these was the path you chose before becoming channel 4 face of food.

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Fans are still surprised that even in her 50’s she still has this stunning look and this got fans wondering if she owes it all to the use of plastic surgery. It is also a thing of concern why most celebrities always want to go for plastic surgeries as there are cases where plastic surgery procedures has left many people looking awful and monstrous.

However, Nigella Lawson has joined the list of many celebrities who had a successful plastic surgery procedure. Even if she is famous, having a banging body is also a good reason why she is famous and the plastic surgery procedure has left her with an attractive and brand new look.