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Was Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery A Hit Or Miss?

Every celebrity wishes to never age and appear perfect in shape and appearance in their entire life. But naturally, it is impossible to look good at all years. The best thing a celebrity can do is spend a lot of dollars to get plastic surgery treatments. Nicole Kidman has made the same attempts to sustain her beauty to appear fabulous in Hollywood. When she first started acting in Hollywood, she had small breasts.

But her burst size is big now. Moreover, her wrinkled face and loose skin is tightened and flawless. Even her buttocks are shaped to make her look good in the appearance. Nicole Kidman has tried all the possible modification to the body to look young and attractive like the other voluptuous models in the industry.

After Nicole Kidman received intense fame, she also received negative critics by media about her body. This made her go for plastic surgery to modify her body. From the younger age, Nicole Kidman is involved in making changes to her body. After several plastic surgeries on various parts of her body, she is now surprisingly looking good. And now when she is getting older, she is more involved in making changes to her face to remove the wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

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The procedures and fillers used by Nicole do not always give good results. But in case of Nicole Kidman, they have been worked the best. Some cases like plastic surgery done on Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox look very artificial and make them appear false in the limelight.  Overall Nicole Kidman’s face is a perfect example of using Botox treatment. A celebrity who has skinny face has now become plush and beautiful.

Most rumors related to Nicole Kidman go viral and catch attention of public. People after hearing the rumors have made keen observations about her face and figure. The rumors speculate about various plastic surgery treatments done on neck, breast, lips, eyebrows, cheeks, and buttocks. By looking at the before and after photos of Nicole Kidman we can judge whether any of this is true.

The pictures definitely show some changes in her body. There are signs of fillers, Botox injections, face uplift and breast augmentation in the pictures. The photos taken within few months show changes in the breasts in terms of shape and size. Use of silicon pads is confirmed in case of Nicole’s plastic surgery.

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However, in an article that was published earlier, there were rumors that Nicole Kidman wanted her husband Urban to try out fillers and botox with her too but he resented because he wanted them to grow old together. But Nicole Kidman has responded back to the rumors claiming she never asked her husband to try out a procedure which she is no longer cool with.

Nicole added that after trying out botox, she was not impressed with the way her face turned out. She revealed that she does not make use of botox anymore and can move her face freely now. This however suggests that Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery didn’t go down as expected.