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Nicki Minaj is getting some serious attention lately, not because of her music or talent but because of her exhibitionist behavior on Instagram. She is been posting poses of her sexy body on twitter and Instagram to get liked by the fans. Maybe her new music doesn’t have the substance to get famous like her first hit songs ‘Bottoms Up’ and ‘Turn Me On’.

The newest single ‘Anaconda’ has much to do with revealing her sexy body than good music. Why is Nicki Minaj so confident in showing her body? Does it has something to do with plastic surgery? Before and after photos of Nicki Minaj show signs of plastic surgery done on her face. Nose job is one of the noticeable changes on the face of American rapper. She is now 32 years old and is looking for various methods to keep her body and face in condition.

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Like many other musicians Nicki Minaj is receiving plastic surgery treatment. Her lips are bigger because of the use of liposuction treatment and fillers. While she puts on exotic lipstick the appearance of her lips is not very much visible. Dr. Mike Drake says “Nicki Minaj has increased her cup size with the use of breast implants”. Nicki Minaj boobs now are bigger and rounder. The work is nicely done to fit perfect on her body.

We think Nicki Minaj had good sized breasts before the plastic surgery. After implantation her breasts even got better. At this point Nicki Minaj is happy with her body and she is trying to expose herself whenever possible. Her appearance at celebrity events wearing revealing dress is one of the best ways to know that she is proud of her body.

We would advise Nicki Minaj to keep this body for coming years without getting involved in excessive plastic surgery.

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Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is one that has been stirring up a lot of drama on the internet and this surgery centers on her breasts and buttocks more. The popular American rapper has clearly stated that all of her features that the public is seeing are all original but she seems quite reluctant to admit or deny if the plastic surgery rumors concerning her are true or false. She claimed that her curvy body is as a result of exercising and working hard to make sure she looks glamorous and sexy.

Asides from rumors suggesting that the rapper must have had breasts and buttocks implants, there are still other rumors claiming she must have had plastic surgery on other parts of her body. Fans believe that Nicki Minaj must have gotten a nose job and had her nose modified. She however insists that the cause of her good looks is as a result of good makeup but we don’t think makeup can transform one’s face to such an extent.

We don’t think makeup is responsible for making her nose look that transformed but the American rapper still insists that she has a body that is free from plastic.