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The seductive body physique of Naya Rivera cannot be doubted but with her recent endowment (boobs enlargement), many are beginning to wonder where she got that from. Her recent post on instagram is responsible for the rumors of her involvement in plastic surgery.

The rumors of her plastic surgery have lead to several individuals including plastic surgeon to give their opinion on the breast enlargement that she underwent. According to Dr. Barry Weintraub, he acknowledges the fact that the star has undergone breast enlargement even without physical contact.

He gave his opinion on the type of breast enlargement she had undergone. According to him, going from a small breast to a larger breast size doesn’t sound too secure and can have futuristic effects which may not favor the individual involve it the plastic surgery.

Apart from Dr Barry Weintraub, Dr William and Dr Matthew have also confirmed her involvement in plastic surgery and gave similar thoughts with Dr Barry Weintraub. Judging from her before and after photos, it is very clear that she had undergone plastic surgery and that her plastic surgery was overdone.

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naya rivera plastic surgery

Going from a flat boob size to such a huge breast size isn’t natural and healthy as well. It is thought that most women love to get breast enlargement to improve their confident level and she was quick to make sure that she got one that could also help improve her acting career. The breast implant really gave her a seductive appearance.

But her fans would be hoping that it doesn’t have any negative impact in her career and personal life in general. However, Naya Rivera herself isn’t sorry or even have regrets about her breast implant plastic surgery allegation. As a matter of fact Naya Rivera herself recently opened up on her plastic surgery move which she took while she was still in high school.

She talked about this during her “sorry not sorry” memoir. 32 Year old Naya Rivera publicly admitted that the eight thousand dollars which she spent on the breast implant journey was the best she had spent all her life.

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She revealed that as at that time she went round school telling all of her teachers that she was going to get a plastic surgery and to her utmost surprise, the news of her wanting to get a plastic surgery didn’t come as a surprise to her arts teacher as the teacher also made a revelation that her boobs were fake as well and also went on to feel happy for the Glee star.

The actress disclosed that she was able to pay for her boob implant surgery through saving from her roles on “The Royal Family” and “Family Matters”. Naya Rivera revealed that her boob implant move made her feel more confident and it wasn’t just based on her personality.

She also loved the fact that it brought more guys to her and regardless of what people still have to say about her breast implant plastic surgery, it is still something she is always happy to look at while standing in front of the mirror even after ten years.

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