It is very hard and almost impossible to find any individual of the same age with that of Nancy Pelosi not to have any form of aging effects possible on her appearance. Her looks has been the subject of much speculations.

There are rumors that she may have undergone plastic surgery procedures to help eliminate aging effects and keep her looking very young. Plastic surgery procedures that are very common for women of her age are mostly Botox injections and Facelift, Neck lift, eye lift and so many others.

Her photos show that she has been up with Botox injections. Taking a closer look at her present photos, it is very visible to see that there are no wrinkles on her facial appearance and this has left her looking very youthful. Her photos show little or no signs of a change in appearance from the way that she looked many years ago and it is almost impossible to say that there are aging effects found on her looks.

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nancy pelosi plastic surgery

Not only has her fans and the public been the only ones to have noticed the signs of plastic surgery effects, also experts surgeons have also noticed the same thing and gave similar opinion to that of the public.

Botox injection is mostly accompanied by facelift. The idea of undergoing facelift is to allow the facial appearance look very young than that of the real age and comparing her photo with her real age it just goes to tell you that she is almost half her real age. Facelift is very common among several oldies and it’s no surprise if she has had it done as well.

Aside from the possible Botox injections and facelift, she has also undergone the knife for a neck lift  and eye lift plastic surgery to help her eradicate any signs of aging effects around her neck such as sagging and necklines around the neck and also use the eye lift procedures to remove eye bags as well.

nancy pelosi facelift

Nancy Pelosi is yet to give an official statement about the growing speculations about her involvement in plastic surgery. But her photos give every detail about her involvement with plastic surgery over the years.

If there is any undocumented condition or procedure Nancy Pelosi is taking then she should let the world know so as to put all of these plastic surgery allegations to rest. A Detroit based plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Yuan while speaking said even as she ages, her face still gets tighter therefore making it more obvious that she has been under the knife too. He also went on to state that a woman of Nancy Pelosi’s age isn’t meant to look that beautiful.

Dr. Anthony Yuan believes that Nancy Pelosi must have had several good amounts of plastic surgeries suggesting that she must have had probably a facelift or even an eyelid lift. Samantha Von Spearling who is a New York political consultant also added that issues like this should never come as a surprise to people as having a plastic surgery is gradually becoming a norm for every woman who is over thirty and spends her life on the camera.

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